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Conference room It was the 1st of March 1924: Väinö Aleksanteri Äijälä, a 34-year old unknown lawyer, who had just completed his court practice, opened the door leading to the law firm Veteli & Nevalainen located at Maununkatu 13 in the Finnish town of Vyborg. He barely knew where this turn in his life would lead him. Later on it would become evident that this moment was not only the beginning for a long and eventful career as a member of the Finnish bar and an attorney at law, but also a starting point for an uninterrupted tradition of legal services by his own firm, a successful law firm that would finally find its way from Vyborg to the Finnish capital of Helsinki.
In 1911 Väinö Äijälä graduated from the Suomalainen Reaalilyseo of Helsinki and on the 13th of June the same year he was accepted at Finland's Alexander University where he began his academic studies. In 1919 Väinö Äijälä completed his law degree at the same alma mater that had changed its name to the University of Helsinki after Finland's declaration of independence taking place in 1917. Väinö Äijälä then commenced his court practice as court trainee at district courts under the jurisdiction of the Court of Appeals of Turku and Vyborg. In 1922 he completed his qualifications to be an acting judge (varatuomari).
Premises In the same year Väinö Äijälä started his career as an attorney at law as an assistant at Otto Tanner's law firm in Vyborg. Two years later he achieved the status of an associate in the newly-founded law firm Veteli, Nevalainen & Äijälä. Väinö Äijälä practised the legal profession in the capital of the Karelian province until he was forced, like so many other Finns, to leave Vyborg as a consequence of the Russo-Finnish Winter War (1939-40). During the so called Continuation War between Finland and the Soviet Union (1941-44), the Finnish Forces retook Vyborg which enabled Väinö Äijälä to move his law firm back to its home town. This period, however, was to be only a short one since the Great Russian Offensive in the summer of 1944 forced the Finns into retreat and the civilian population of Vyborg had to flee again. Väinö Äijälä’s law firm moved back to Helsinki.
The strong tradition of the firm was consolidated and located firmly in the Finnish capital during the post-war decades of reconstruction. This same tradition continues today at Varatuomari Väinö Äijälä Asianajotoimisto law firm which offers its legal services to a wide range of businesses and private clients. The firm's premises are situated in the very center of Helsinki at Kansakoulukatu 5.

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