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Forever Knight / Highlander xovers

My LaCroix/Antonia series.
These stories are best read in order, although most of them should stand on their own.

Revenge Is Sweet?

Adult - violence
LaCroix helps a young woman escape a murder charge, and falls in love somewhere along the line.

One Big, Happy Family?

LaCroix and Antonia have a falling out, and Antonia meets two very different Immortals.

Watch Her Not

Or - What Ever Happened To Antonia's Watcher?

Old Friends, New Friends

An old friend pays LaCroix a visit. Antonia, Tessa and Natalie's girls' night out doesn't turn out quite as planned.

Without You

LaCroix and Antonia take turns in disappearing mysteriously.

Time To Move On

New Year proves to be a major turning point in the lives of Nick, Natalie and LaCroix.

The Collector

After some domestic problems LaCroix and Antonia decide to take a little trip, but trouble seems to follow them no matter where they go.

Dream On

Exactly what the title says ;)

Out Of The Darkness

My take on the HL episode 'The Darkness'.

Children - The Little Bundles Of Joy

Nick and Natalie need LaCroix's help, and LaCroix discovers that his biggest secret isn't quite as dead and buried as he has believed.

Whither Now?

Or - Survivig Divia

Spring Break

Duncan and Tessa receive various visitors; some are invited and welcome, others just barge in wrecking havoc.

Janette At Noon

Pretty much what the title says.

'Tis The Season....

Adult - violence
The obligatory Xmas / Y2K fic.

Only You

It's Valentine's Day and LaCroix has a secret admirer...


While Antonia is trying to overcome her fears, Nick and Natalie have trouble letting go of the past.


Pure fluff

The Doors

Vachon, a nightclub, The Doors....

I, LaCroix

LaCroix's musings

What Future?

What's going on with LaCroix and Antonia in the year 2097?


It is the year 2112, and all is not well with our heroes.




Love Hurts

My very first effort at a pure HL story.
A love story, and a coming of age story, of sorts.
Written in first person

One Year Of Love

My very first effort at a song challenge story.
Methos and Alexa meet again.



The Pretender


My very first Pretender story.
To say too much would really spoil this, so why not simply try reading it? <g>

The Game

Sequel to 'Pretend'
Into the valley of death rode the four hundred...

Pre-emptive Strike

My response to Emily Siazon's second picture challenge.




of Scott and Logan

Jean thinks about stuff.

the gods are laughing

Adult - bad language, mature themes
Logan returns back home, and the gods have a good laugh.

n e w     a secret place          

Sequel to 'the gods are laughing'. Movieverse.
"It is such a secret place, the land of tears."


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