Music Videos


All music videos are made by yours truly. They may not be all that, but they are my babies so, please, do not archive the videos anywhere else, or claim them as your own. Thank you. Oh, and all videos are in .wmv format. Hope you'll enjoy!



Tainted Love
Fandom: Lola Qui Es-Tu Lola?
Subject: Lola/Simon
Music: Marilyn Manson
File size: 11,9MB
Vidder's Notes: Although I absolutely detested the way this series ended, I still find the relationship between Lola and Simon oddly addictive. When I heard the title of this song I knew it was perfect for Lola and Simon and so, the video doesn't really reflect the lyrics but is about the title. Those who are familiar with the series should get the reference, but for those not in the know: Good girl Lola Belmont and bad boy Simon Mezzogiorno met and were attracted to each other. So far so good. But, it wasn't until later that they found out that they were, in fact, half-brother and sister. Not so good.

Every Breath You Take
Fandom: The Pretender
Subject: Jarod/Miss Parker
Music: The Police
File size: 12MB
Vidder's Notes: Since I always felt this song by The Police is quite stalker-ish, I thought it fit my theme perfectly. In other words, the video is about Stalker Jarod and his obsession for Miss Parker. Whether or not his obsession is creepy, I'll leave that for you to decide.

Don't Wanna Miss A Thing
Fandom: Highlander
Subject: Duncan/Tessa
Music: Aerosmith
File size: 5,31MB
Vidder's Notes: This was one of the first music videos I ever made.

Broe Haven
Fandom: Days of our Lives
I've made a bunch of Days of our Lives music videos, mostly Brady/Chloe stuff but also other pairings, all of which can be found at my Broe Haven site.