My Sites

A link to my It's A Picture wallpaper/icon site

It's A Picture - My fan art archive.
Wallpapers, LJ Icons, textures, screencaps and music videos.

A link to my Broe Haven site

Broe Haven
Broe & DOOL music videos, LJ icons, wallpapers & screencaps.

A link to my The Last Days of Pompeii site

My The Last Days of Pompeii site.
It's about the 1984 mini-series, not about the novel or the movie(s).

A link to the Fry/Riddick Fanfiction Archive

Survival Instinct
Fry/Riddick Fanfiction Archive.
F/R fanfic submissions welcome.

A link to the Worf/Troi Fanfiction Archive

Appropriate Behaviour
Worf/Troi Fanfiction Archive.
W/T fanfic submissions welcome.

A link to my fanfiction page

DCE's Creative Corner - my fanfic archive.
Contains (duh!) fanfic I wrote once upon a time, mostly Forever Knight/Highlander xovers but also some X-Men (movieverse) & the Pretender fics. Hasn't been updated in eons and is basically dead.