arena gladiators lydon and glaucus

The Arena - Blood. Sand. Glory. Death.

Arena, the place where the gladiators fight for the pleasure of the mob. The place where the turn of a thumb decides who lives and who dies. Where the captured and convicted Christians meet their end. Where the good people of Pompeii come to have a good time.



marcus marcus

Marcus - the one who can never lose...

Marcus is the owner of the gladiator school in Pompeii, and he boasts he has the finest fighters in all of Campania. When the wealthy of Pompeii want to show off to the public by offering them fun and games, Marcus is the one they turn to, and he's more than willing to oblige provided the price is right...


Marcus: Stop it! Stop it you idiots! You want to kill each other, wait until someone's paying for it!

Marcus: Lydon, if you love your father, listen to me.
Lydon: What are you talking about?
Marcus: Diomed swears, that if you fight he'll free your father. If you won't, Medon will be sold away where you'll never find him.

Ernest Borgnine has been in way too many things to even begin to mention here. He's done everything from comedy to drama, and chances are you've seen him more than once without even having realized it.



lydon lydon

Lydon - the hunk of a gladiator

Lydon is a former slave of Diomed. He was sold to the Arena and trained to become a gladiator. As it turned out, he had true talent and became a champion. In time, he earned his freedom and even quit the killing game, but without any plans or money he soon returned to what he knew - being a gladiator.

Champion or not, there are still things even Lydon cannot conquer at will. His father, Medon, is still a slave, but Lydon hopes to earn enough money to buy his freedom. He's also in love with Nydia, who thinks she's in love with Glaucus. Regardless, Lydon hopes to win her heart, eventually. It is his dream to marry Nydia, retire from the Arena and become a farmer with his father. But, as the saying goes, even the best laid plans...

The eruption of the Mount Vesuvius changes everything. It saves Lydon from having to execute a friend, but it also costs him the lives of other friends, and that of his father's. Sailing to safety with his girl, the future is now wide open.


lydon and nydia lydon and glaucus lydon and medon lydon


Lydon: I want you for my wife.
Nydia: You can't mean that. You have so many others to choose from. I can't even see you!
Lydon: Oh, you see me so much better than the others. You always have.

Lydon: You're a fool. Blinder in your heart than in your eyes!

Lydon: I want all you heroes to understand something very clearly. Whoever feels like killing Glaucus may do so, but that man first kills me.

Duncan Regehr has been one of my favourite actors ever since I saw him as Lydon. And it's not all just about his good looks, either. Really. The man can act. I enjoyed his Zorro, and I thought he made a great Errol Flynn. He played a wonderful scoundrel in Moon Over Miami, his character in V was totally creepy, in a good way, and it was interesting to see him as a regular guy in Once in a Lifetime. Of course, having his characters, the heroes as well as the villains, look like him, doesn't hurt a bit... :)



sporus gar melior

Sporus, Gar, Melior - and death shall be our darling

Sporus is probably second only to Lydon, in the Arena. Like Lydon, he's not a slave but a professional gladiator. He's jealous of Lydon's affection for Nydia, and that jealousy drives a wedge between the two friends. Sporus can be a mean sob and he has a wicked tongue in his mouth but there's no denying that he knows how to use his sword.

Gar is the prisoner of war who became a slave and was bought by Marcus. He thinks quite highly of himself and believes he's the next champion; the one to beat Lydon. Unfortunately, his skills aren't quite what he himself fancies and he is killed by Sporus during the Games.

Melior, a friend of both Lydon and Sporus. He was killed during the tour of Campania. He fought well and the crowd wanted to spare him, but he was too badly wounded and didn't survive.


lydon and sporus marcus and melior lydon and sporus lydon


Sporus: Our champion's become the slave of a slave! And I'm told Nydia does her new master's bidding wonderfully well.

Lydon: I'm in need of a sparring partner.

Gladiator: Sporus! Enjoy! It may be your last meal.
Sporus: I never eat with men the night before I have to kill them.

Gar: Lydon won't be a champion for much longer. I'll get him in the Arena! If he's sober enough to stand...

Lydon: Sit down boy.

The three gladiators were played by Stephen Greif, Barry Stokes and Brian Croucher, respectively.