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Do you know where I could purchase the series?
~ Despite some exiting news before, to the best of my knowledge the series has not been officially released on vhs/dvd.

Could you get/make me a copy of the series?
~ In a word - no. Even if there wasn't a small legal matter concerning copyrights I still couldn't do it simply because I don't have the technical equipment necessary for copying tapes.

But I really, really want the series. Could I borrow your tapes so I could copy them myself?
~ No.

Can I archive your TLDoP wallpapers/LJ icons on my own web site? / Can I post your artwork to a forum/board or a mailing list?
~ The wallpapers are meant for your own, personal use only. And yes, that means they are not to be used as part of your own creative endeavours, either. The LJ icons you are welcome to use, yes, but not to archive them or claim them as your own.

Can you get me some screencaps, so I could make my own TLDoP wallpapers/artwork?
~ While I'm not prepared to send out caps of the entire series, yes this could be possible. Just send me an email, and I'll see what I can do. However, here's a word of warning in advance: I don't have all of the episodes on tape, and the ones I do have were taped roughly 20 years ago, so the quality of the caps may not be all that great.

Why won't you just add a screencap archive to your site?
~ Well, as a matter of fact, that's just what I've done. :) Head over to the Baths where you can now find a tiny screencap archive. Hope you'll enjoy!


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