quintus quintus

Quintus - the Magistrate

Basically a good man, Quintus tries to be fair as Magistrate, but politics is a dirty game. Reluctant to zealously chase after and prosecute Christians he'd rather adopt the policy of 'Don't ask, don't tell' but, alas, he has many masters to please. After all, it is election time, and if he wishes to be re-elected he can't afford too many scruples.

Arbaces' schemes are far-fetching and, albeit reluctantly, even Quintus is caught in the priest's web. And, adding to his problems, Quintus finds that Diomed is after his current position as Magistrate.


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Quintus: Do not force me to ask the question that will send you to your death.

Quintus was played by Anthony Quayle.



olinthus olinthus

Olinthus - the Christian leader

There's certainly more than meets the eye to Olinthus. He had a tumultuous youth as a thief, and then one day he met Paul. A man who used to believe in nothing was caught in a storm, and he ended up finding God.

Now, he's a blacksmith, officially. He's also, officially, a trouble maker who 'disturbs the peace' and is accordingly sentenced by the court - he is publicly whipped. This 'trouble maker' is, not quite so secretly, a leader of Pompeii's Christian community. Thus, his frequent troubles with the Magistrate. He also helps to smuggle Christians out of Pompeii. An even more dangerous past-time. But, Olinthus is strong in his faith. Even when he finds himself in prison with Glaucus, awaiting for his death, he is unwavering. And, as it turns out, the eruption of the Mount Vesuvius brings with it all kinds of surprises. Destruction as well as freedom...


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Olinthus: If truth disturbs the peace, then you must find me guilty of the truth, your Magistrate.

Ah, the man with the voice :) Brian Blessed has been pretty much all over the place, though to me he'll probably always be Flash Gordon's Prince Vultan.