clodius clodius

Clodius - the noble Roman

Clodius is a descendant of the Etruscans and his family is of the highest nobility. If it weren't for the unfortunate fact that his father lost the family fortune, Clodius could pretty much do as he pleases. As it is, he's still trying to live the vida loca, but he's forced to try and make a living as a poet. Unluckily, a new Pindar he's not. Chronically out of money, Clodius does what anyone would do in his place - he's looking to marry a rich woman.

Enter Julia.

Clodius believes that Julia is after his well-to-do friend, Glaucus. And Julia is convinced that Clodius would never consider a marriage to her because of her lack of noble birth. Love is never easy, especially when there's a misunderstanding after a misunderstanding in the way. Still, in the end, Clodius and Julia manage to find their way to each other. And that's when that cursed Mount Vesuvius got in the way...


clodius and julia clodius and julia clodius and fortunata clodius


Glaucus: Clodius, can you introduce me to Gaius?
Clodius: Hmm... it will require -- a little money.
Glaucus: Coming from you, Clodius, I wouldn't expect anything different.

Clodius: I always wanted to marry for money. And yet, I would marry Julia is she were a pauper.

Besides TLDoP, the only other thing I've seen Gerry Sunquist in was in The Hunchback of Notre Dame, in which he played opposite Lesley-Anne Down.



sallust lepidus

Sallust and Lepidus - noblesse oblige

Rich and noble, Sallust and Lepidus spend their days in search of pleasure. Their little clique includes Clodius who, despite having no money, is still a high-born Roman, and Glaucus who, despite not being a Roman, is none the less rich and of noble birth.

They spend their leisurely days in the Baths, or the Games, or gambling at the Tavern. That is, when they're not entertaining lady friends... :) Sallust and Lepidus make it all look easy even though it truly is a tiresome task. But alas, one must do one's best as noblesse oblige.


sallust, lepidus and clodius sallust, lepidus and clodius glaucus sallust and lepidus


Lepidus: How did he lose it?
Sallust: Jealous husband cut it off.
Lepidus: Why his nose?

Lepidus: Clodius cheats like a scoundrel in order to live like a gentleman.

Lepidus: If you truly are in love, at least confess it and tell us who the lady is. Perhaps we can help you.
Sallust: Or at least cure you of it.

Sallust: He wants to marry a rich girl.
Lepidus: Because he's wise.
Sallust: And she won't have him.
Lepidus: Because she's wise.

Sallust and Lepidus were played by David Robb and Tony Anholt, respectively.