gaius fortunata

Gaius - the Stoic

Once one of the rich and powerful in Nero's court at Rome Gaius now leads a quiet, secluded life in his splendid villa at Pompeii.

Gaius was a friend of Clodius' father and thanks to that connection, Clodius is one of his and Fortunata's few visitors. Though Clodius isn't altogether altruistic in his efforts, Gaius doesn't mind as his young friend amuses his wife. However, things get a little strained as Clodius brings along Glaucus who is interested in finding out more about Arbaces. But Gaius, who knows the truth about the priest, isn't willing to spill.


Fortunata - a true patrician

Elegant and refined, Fortunata is the embodiment of the ideal Roman matron a la Cornelia Gracchus.

She and Gaius had at least two sons, both of whom fell victim to Arbaces. Despite the hardships she has endured, Fortunata is far from broken and she proves that she is indeed the strong one in the family.


gaius and fortunata clodius and fortunata ione, glaucus and gaius arbaces and calenus

Gaius and Fortunata were played by Sir Laurence Olivier and Siobhan McKenna, respectively.