glaucus glaucus

Glaucus - the noble Greek

Glaucus' parents left him a great fortune and this son of Athens has made the most of it. Along with his friends, Clodius, Lepidus and Sallust, this ladies' man spent his time in search of pleasure - and then he met Ione.

Ione was different from other women he'd met. She wasn't impressed with his wealth, and she certainly wasn't impressed with his way of life. Determined to change his ways to win his Lady, Glaucus finds himself at odds with Arbaces who isn't about to let go of his golden goose. Through Arbaces' machinations, Glaucus finds out first hand what Roman Justice really means. He's forced to fight a friend, Lydon, to the death in the Arena. But just as it seems that Glaucus has come to the end of his road, the Mount Vesuvius erupts, and suddenly all bets are off...


ione and glaucus glaucus and nydia sallust, lepidus and clodius lydon and glaucus


Glaucus:You're quick.
Lydon: You're clever.
Glaucus: I'm a Greek.

Nydia: I'm sorry, I'm behaving like a child.
Glaucus: Yes, you must learn to control your passions.
Nydia: Do you find it so easy to control your passions? Your love for Ione?
Glaucus: Am I so transparent?

Glaucus: I want to be worthwhile for you to love me.
Ione: But you are! You've shown me that. But you don't understand because you don't believe.
Glaucus: I can't believe in any god or goddess that would keep you away from me.

Nicholas Clay has been in a million things but besides TLDoP, I've only seen him in Lady Chatterley's Lover. Still, even though I've never seen it I feel that I must also mention what I believe is one of his most loved roles - Lancelot in Excalibur. I've heard that he was truly great in it, and I hope to see it one of these days myself.



petrus petrus

Petrus - the Christian slave

Though originally a slave of Diomed, Petrus was bought by Glaucus at Ione's request.

Petrus is in love with Chloe and, even though they cannot be certain, he has accepted her son as his. Being a Christian Petrus finds himself before the Magistrate, twice. The first time he's saved by Glaucus. The second time he's not so lucky, and Chloe is determined to get their little family out of Pompeii. They go to Olinthus where they join a group of other Christians who are also looking for a way to freedom. However, things don't go as planned as Burbo leads a mob attack against Olinthus' shop. Thanks to Lydon, most of the group manages to escape. Petrus, determined not to be the whipping boy this time around, stays behind with Lydon but is, sadly, killed in the ensuing fight.


chloe and petrus chloe and petrus diomed and glaucus olinthus

Petrus was played by Malcolm Jamieson.