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If you'd like to use these LJ icons, feel free to do so. All I ask is that you do not direct link them or claim them as your own = please credit either this site or my LJ handle, ViciousGurl. Oh, and any textless icons aren't bases. Thank you.






These wallpapers are for your personal desktop use only. Please, do not post/archive any of these images on any other web sites, mailing lists, boards/forums etc. Thank you.



The Last Days Of Pompeii was originally written by Edward George Bulwer-Lytton. The mini-series my site is dedicated to was written by Carmen Culver and directed by Peter Hunt. No infringement is intended. TLDoP is simply one of my favourite television series ever and this is my small tribute to it and to all the wonderful talent that made it happen in the first place.

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