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The Tavern

The place to drown one's sorrows, indulge in gambling, or to look for companionship. The Tavern is owned by Burbo, brother to priest Calenus.



chloe chloe

Chloe - the prostitute with a heart of gold

Chloe works at Burbo's because she has to, but she wants out. She's in love with Petrus, a slave of Diomed. They dream of a life together but without any money to buy their freedom, that's all it is going to be - a dream.

When Petrus is arrested for being a Christian, Chloe doesn't know who to turn to. She goes to Nydia, hoping that she'll talk to Lydon who, as a champion, might be heard before the Magistrate. In the end, however, it is Glaucus who saves the day, and Chloe swears that one day she'll find a way to repay his kindness.

When Petrus is arrested again, and this time badly beaten, she decides to get them both out of Pompeii, runaway slaves or not. But then, things go horribly wrong, and she's left with only her baby and a burning desire for revenge.


Chloe: It's curious, I always said we can't change our lives. Now I know I would rather die with him than go back to what we've been.


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I've been a fan of Lesley-Anne Down's ever since I saw her in one of the old Burt Reynolds flicks. They played thieves, or something. That's not really important, the important part is that it was fun :) Something a bit different was her part in Upstairs, Downstairs. Classy, but not quite as much fun. I also really liked her in Hanover Street with Harrison Ford. But I think I've always liked her best in North and South. I thought she was simply amazing as Madeline Main. And, I shouldn't forget her Olivia Blake-Richards in Sunset Beach where she got to be both touching and funny.

Also, although this has nothing to do with her acting, I think it simply must be mentioned: Some of us just get older as the years go by, but somehow Ms. Down only manages to grow more beautiful as she matures. And, not that I'm green or anything, but I'd truly like to know her secret :)



xenia xenia

Xenia - the ambitious working girl

Xenia works in Burbo's Tavern entertaining the clientele, but she aspires to something higher. She cultivates her friendship with the priest Calenus in hopes to one day becoming a priestess of Isis.


Xenia: Come on, Chloe. Money's money.


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Xenia was played by Marilu Tolo.