Lavanam on terrorism


Hyderabad, India

Date: 20th August, 2005.

It is very sad that the State Government imposed a ban on Maoist Party and their associate organizations taking advantage of` the ghastly murders that have been committed by Maoists on Independence Day at Narayanpur in which Makthal Narsireddy was the main target. When there is a competition between the Government Violence and the Revolutionary Violence to gain upper hand, it is natural that such small and big incidents do happen. Still those who are determined to create an atmosphere of peace should not lose patience. In both camps, i.e. Government and Maoists, there are several people who don't believe in peace talks. Not only they are against such talks but they want to settle scores only in the battle field. Likewise there are also many people who think that either the democratic Government or the Revolution are only interested in the good of the common people and hence, violence should not be imposed on people. They think there is enough space to educate the people and to make thel rebel against the injustices, keeping violence aside. But in the present circum­stances we should concede that those who swear by violence have won the day. Still we should have faith that better sense would prevail on both sides and we should continue our ef­forts with more confidence and vigour. In this respect I renew my suggestion that I made ear­lier to meet and talk with the Maoists. From my side I am ready to talk with them under any circumstances.


Revolutionary violence and State violence are the two sides of the same coin. In State vio­lence there are two aspects. One is direct naked violence and the other is indirect institutional violence. Corruption and doing anything for the sake of power come under indirect violence. The social and moral values in the society are more damaged by the indirect violence than by the direct violence. When selfish politicians, people's representatives and the government ser­vants utilize the indirect violence in their favour, to justify the situation very often, the direct violence is also used. In such circumstances revolutionary violence tries its best to assert it­self. In those conditions just by banning the revolutionary violence. Government can not con­trol it. Hence, there is the need to examine how the Government is going to control the indi­rect violence i.e., corruption and unlawful acts ofthe power game.


So far politicians, people's representatives and Government servants are not coming forward to investigate this aspect. I am ready to discuss these issues with them. Those politicians and Government servants who undermine moral and social values among the people for their selfish interest can not control the revolutionary violence. When politicians and the Govern­ment servants in their daily behaviour prove that they are supporting the social and moral val­ues among the people then only they acquire the moral power to control the revolutionary violence.


It is a naked truth that the corrupt people of our country have billions of rupees in Swiss Banks. As this money is made by exploiting the common people they are helping to strengthen the Switzerland's economy at the expense of the economy of our country. Hence, every Indian who has a secret account in the Swiss Banks is a traitor to our country, and a traitor to our people. What is Government doing to stop this money drain. Every one who opens a secret account in Swiss Banks is undermining our economy and disturbing the inter­nal economic security of our nation, Is Government ready to unearth all those traitors and punish them? People believe that besides industrialists, traders and Mafia - there are also politicians and Government servants who have accounts in Swiss Banks. It is high time that these matters are investigated. Government's inaction in this respect tantamounts to condoning of this indirect violence. I believe that revolutionary violence is also questioning this indirect violence. Hence. any peace talks should include a comprehensive discussion on revolutionary violence and also on the direct and indirect violence of the State. Conscious citizens should organize themselves to question these issues.



A Social Revolutionary