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Helsinki Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Dear Mr. Lavanam


You told us in Finland that you have made an Endeavour to stop the revolutionary violence in India. I agree with you that we need new means to solve the big problems of the poor people in India.


I hope that you can continue your Endeavour. Both the government and the violent revolutionaries have to search new means to achieve their common goal of serving the people.


It was Mahatma Gandhi who addressed this question and thought afresh. His invention of Satyagrhara and Constructive work as new tools has opened the spectrum for improvement.


The anti-social elements are more organized today than earlier. The good people in the society are disorganized. Violent revolutionary means are unable to organize the good people to fight against the evil forces. Involving more people to fight against the evil is more important than few people taking to arms. Hence a time has come that those who believe in revolutionary changes should come together and explores the possibilities of such means, which can be used by ordinary people in an open society.


Politicians and peoples' representatives are as much trustees of peoples' welfare as much as revolutionaries. Hence both of them should think of changing their old means to solve the problems. In this search Civil Society should play a major role to make both parties i.e. violent revolutionaries and government to promote a dialogue with the people on this issue.


As it would involve more sections of society with concern, that would reduce tensions. In this effort success may not come immediately. But the effort itself is a worthy incentive for future success.


This applies to both those who control the traditional power of state and economy and also those who use revolutionary means. In such a situation means and ends are not contradictory of each other but they will be complementary to each other. Then in spite of contradictions some form of synthesis can be achieved in various efforts that are working for a better human being and for a better human society. So let us be bold enough to take risks and to progress together.


I hope that the State of India (and the State of Andhra Pradesh) will support Mr. Lavanams Endeavour for peace and welfare in India.


Erkki Hartikainen


Atheist Association of Finland

Käsityöläisentie 17 A 1

00750 Helsinki



Tel. 358 9 2233273 and 040 565 1271

E-mail erkki.hartikainen@saunalahti.fi