Mr. Erkki Hartikainen


Käsityöläisentie 17 A 1
07500 Helsinki

Tel: 040-565 1271



Studies: M.A. 1967 (Universitys of Helsinki)

Main subjects: mathematics, philosophy, computer science

Profession: pensioner

Main jobs:

Oy Rastor Ab 1964–1965

Actuary in the insurance company 1966-1969

Teacher of mathematics, physics and chemistry (secondary school) 1970-1973

Teacher of mathematics (senior high school) 1973-1986

Teacher of mathematics, physics and chemistry (secondary school) 1986-1989

Teacher of computer science (adults) 1989- 2005

Pensioner 2005-

Other jobs:

Secretary General (main job, Union of Freethinkers of Finland) 1982-1983

Statistician (main job, SAS-programmer, town of Vantaa) 1994-1998


Philosophy of atheism

Father of the subject “view of life” in the schools of Finland

Internet –material for “view of life” in


Secretary General, Union of Freehtinkers, 1975-1985

Chairman, Union of Freethinkers of Finland, 1999-2005

Editor in Chief of Vapaa Ajattelija (Free Thinker), -2005

Chairman, Atheist Association of Finland, 1985-


Erkki Hartikainen v. Finland, Communication No. 40/1978 (9 April 1981), U.N. Doc. CCPR/C/OP/1 at 74 (1984)

The Third World Atheist Conference in 1983 in Helsinki, Finland, with support of Madalyn Murray O'Hair