The Dream Continues in 1,000,000 Roads as the Journeyman Slumbers to be Awoken by the Berries of Air and Forest, a Dawn Pre-Imagined and so Owned in Footstep and Deed as Our Lovely Sojourner of Unabysmal Light Sojourns 4th into Willowy and Totally Purple Dawning, Day is Upon r Hero and the Golden Rd. of Infinitudinous Blessedhood!


1. buffalo and daughter (13:05)

Note thereupon: Meditation seg. 1 ~ is an Introductory Instrumental segment expounding upon the Themes of the album. To be played in quiet, solitude, and High Contemplation of Colors, Geometry, Emotions, and continuums of Personal Reality. Also helpful to fall Asleep by, therefore visualizing the Body of the album through the Mirror of Dream, witnessing cell multiplication, close-up crystal formations: eonic, enshrouded in pearl mist! viz. The head moving through the head into the head.

2. black swan (3:56)

How to fill the Sun
With my Black Swan:
How to Love the Swan,
How to Love the Swan?

How is my cape as black?
Night, the face on my hand.
She, the smoke from my gun.
She, the night I’m dressed in.

Sing it with me.

3. buffalo forever (4:32)

Wandering ‘round this ole town,
Thinking ‘bout you and how
The way you wore your wild hair down.

Way you wore yer dress in the rain,
Spun the barrel of your gun,
The way you could tame a wild horse down.

The way you could ride a freight train.

I didn’t know I was going to be so alone.

Wandering ‘round this old town,
Checking out my face in the plate
Glass windows they all had to replace.

I broken each and every one in,
Shattered these fists into a million
Pieces, same way as you left me.

Same way as you met me.

I didn’t know I was going to be so alone.


4. prayers for fingers (4:28)

Placing his hand on the bureau he falters
Where the skull with candle burns.
Remembering her large blue eyes o’erpowering her face,
Rushes fast the blood in his veins

But lo! a bolt of lightening strikes
Him inside his inner eye.
His brown velvet suit and black-lilied flower
Cannot protect him from the awakening throes.


Standing alone in the old castle tower,
Crumbling slow as her tears burn,
She remembers his heart: her home for many a year,
Witnesses the white horse vanish into the black forest.

She knows she’s so far gone from it:
Reality and the pulpit.
Sunken in her breast she sees
All of time unreeling.


Lifting his finger he witnesses her countenance
Burning a vestige of the air
Into a faint molecule of consciousness
Impressed upon the radiation

Emitted by his favorite star
The one from which he’d fallen.
One is red, one is blue,
Up high they burn.
Tonight he holds up his hand and to there returns.


5. goodbye boat, hello star (7:34)

I don’t know what I’m talking about,
In my deepest prayers to you.

Like a mystic I spin,
Drunk upon my heart.

I am going to go from this world
I am going to go from this world

I don’t what I’d do without you.
Maybe I’d open a store on the corner.
In there I’d sell guns and lotteries.

Your love has broken neatly me in two
Your love has broken neatly me in two

Every day is a pain, deep within my heart,
Watching you grow beyond me from the dark.

In your white clothes ascending through the clouds above

I will slit my wrists
The warmth will flow

I will slit my wrists
The warmth will flow

I go on a hike
Deep into the Hills

Open up a vein,
Lay in the river

In my last thoughts I’ll have of your great success

My failure will ride me into darkness
My failure will ride me into darkness

In the kitchen where you
Manipulated me

Playing my heart against my only fear

Did you get what you wanted kneeling upon my grave

At last you’ve bested me, are you insane?
At last you’ve bested me, have you gone insane?

All my friends you stole,
They love you more.

All the things I gave to you,
You took them all.
Where they yours to take and never to repay?

Besides the dust you stuff into my mouth
Besides the dust you stuff into my mouth

Watch as the razor blade makes its way
From the palm down the arm, opens up the vein.
Are you tired of hearing so many songs like this one?

Are you tired of hearing the voice as it fades away?
Are you tired of hearing the voice as it fades away?

Are you tired of hearing the voice as it fades away?
Are you tired of hearing the voice as it fades away?

6. kill me again (3:22)

Want you
So so bad
To dance dance
In that dress you had

On the lawn
Is my heart
Very broken

Kill me again and I will bring you light

Hold me
All night long

Break me
With your little tongue

Find me
In my white shroud
On the ocean
All men are sailors now

Kill me again and I’ll bring you light

I’ll hold on tight
But I’m not totally how much longer I’ll last

You say to run
Be in my heart
My words they’re above

And I’m not sure If you’ll be there when {total fucking nonsense}

Be high, you,
To ride my horse
Into town
Set me up more

Sing me
Your siren song
Of the ocean
And your hands unrolling

Kill me again and I’ll bring you light.

Hold me/you/him
So so bad
To dance dance
In that dress you had

on the lawn
My heart
Very broken

Kill me again and I’ll bring you light

7. paean: kitteridge sam (5:13)

I’m in love with you you hurt me so bad
I don’t owe you anything
But this love


I believe in the great awakening
Of this planet earth
And the humans who live upon its partial face

Kitteridge Sam: I believe your awakening
Is never far off.
Yeah yeah, you grown yer third eye.

Back from the coast
In that old VW beater

Kitteridge Sam: I dreamed of
You and yer future tiger!


Your heart has:
Grown in to
A vast crystal array

Of old
Timey ear horns
And whale baleen.


8. north country queen (4:01)

When I call you on the phone,
Why don’t you pick up?
Won’t you pick up!

In my moment of undying faith,
Will you be there?
Will you be there,

Shining your light from the North Countryside?
North Country girl, your eyes have grown hard to mine.

You’ve been gone long
But I’ve found you a heart

Glowing a Radiance: Golden, a part of this world to come,
Which you and I had imagined so long ago, is it gone?

Everything’s a loaded light:

When I call to you
Deep within the meadow,
Will the moon show?
Will the moon show?

When I see you from across the hall,
Don’t look back.
Don’t look back.

Go on your road though you go it alone,
Our paths will meet again,
North Country girl. The whole

World is a well and we
Wish upon it so well.
I wish to be a king,
North country queen. The night

Grows its folds of silverystarlight in the highup black to blind.

9. “song of sorrow” (3:56)

My time
Is draw-
Ing near, I feel the

Of the reaper.

Will you sleep?
By my side?
This last night, I
Am just a boy
Who sings
“Song of Sorrow.”

This very night:
I open the vein.

In the dark hotel shower stand,
The purplish blood spreads.

Where are you, Marielle?
So far away.

I will be brave,
The first of us to change.

This place,
It is new,
Everything is gone.

All that remains
Is the raw consciousness.

One voice transmitting
All there is to come.

Look at it, Marielle,
Many things to come


10. the golden road (5:24)

Lifting his face in the halogen lamplight: a tear!
Hangs from a lash like a fishing lure hung from the moon.
He quickly retracts, “I’m sorry, Darling, but it’s time for me to go,”
He says, puts on his hat, turns his back, steps to the road.

And he’ll never look back!
No, he’ll never look back!

On the Golden road!

“You say to me that I have lost my mind,
Gladly!” he says, he grins, she covers her eyes, “Yes, he has!”
This telepathic communication won’t do at all.
Least when I’m awake I can forget that I ever knew you at all.

Because you live in my dreams!
Yes, you live in my dreams!

The golden road.

I wear a sweater, a shepherd’s hat, share my pipe.
I’m parking my truck near the lake on your reservation.
Black Buffalo Woman, don’t cry I’ll be gone by dawn,
Back by next fall and the moon of the Black Cherry Blossom.

Because I’m going it alone!
Yeah, I’m going it alone:

The golden road.

Is not it strange how the universe has reversed our roles?
Though it was you who left me, I am today the one who is gone.
I prayed for you hard, and now I owe you naught!
Aside from the love I keep for your soul in my heart.

Because I’ve made a discovery,
I have made a discovery

The Golden Road.

11. dan kubiek's dream (1:33)

Note thereupon: Instrumental finger-pick segment expounding first upon the color of falling leaves and next the sound of the ocean pounding the heart

12. white shroud (3:56)

On a long autumn walk,
He surrenders his heart to light.
Hued leaves shattered through the brittle autumn song,
The light that’s inside’s outside.

Night is made of strings I guess,
Just like the heart as it rips.
Day is made of waves of glass.
I’ll ride ‘em until this night pass.

The light that’s inside’s outside.

I see myself in the mirror
Rapidly approaching in a white shroud.
I see she’s the me made out water,
And I’m everything that’s spilling out.

You’ve been gone for many a year,
Now that the waters have parted.
Father offered me a jug of sweet wine.
Raised his axe on high.

Raised his axe on high.
The light that’s inside’s outside.



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