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LTJ-08 Tivol: Breathtaking sounds of Tivol


Tivol: Breathtaking Sounds of Tivol Tivol: Breathtaking Sounds of Tivol



1. Vihaan vitusti kaikkea mitä kulutusyhteiskunnan aikaansaama pinnallinen alkoholiin perustuva sosiaalinen käyttäytymiskulttuuri edustaa (10:38)
2. Jawohl, tivol! (11:23)

Released in november 2003, includes an insert, sold out.

Loud psychedelic kraut-psych-space-rock... written and played by Askola, Ihanamäki, Kettunen & Nevalainen. Recorded & mixed at N.P.'s, Imatra, Finland in december 2002.

NOTE: Partly reissued on vinyl LP "Early Teeth" by Holy Mountain in 2005.

Octane Grammophon

"two long mantra-rock tracks, track one has a hawkwind, "hurry on sundown" garage-guitar riff on endless repeat with heavy drums & spacenoise. track two is some tranced-out Deep Purple thunder with electronic supernovas & abstract screams on top. would love to see this live. wonderful pot-smoking music." Glenn Donaldson, Jewelled Antler

"First out is Tivol whose two epic Krautrock monsters not only lurk in the background with its scary sight, rather providing loud, psychedelic excess from note one to the very last. Primitive guitar workouts stick to the groove like a swarm of wasps to a jar of honey, but there's also plenty of spacey effects moving in and out of the mix. Heavy repetition with tentacles stretching outwards towards outer space as well as towards some hippie event by a lake clad in the northern lights. Very nice." Mats Gustafsson, Broken Face

"Good lord! Apparently no one told Tivol that rock was dead. Even if they had, I can imagine the thundering hip-hop that might have been recorded. This is fat-ass psychedelic jams that don't stop until every neuron is adequately fried. Some people call this Sabbath worship, but Black Sabbath has little to do with it. Very akin to Pharaoh Overlord (or Pharaoh Overload if you prefer); massive, chunky, blasted to fuck. The last song is almost death metal or something so I'm not quite as keen on it, but track 1 is nothing but reward-reward-reward to my cerebral skinner-box." Chris Moon, Blastitude

"A gravadora 267 Lattajjaa é um daqueles selos com tiragens minúsculas, encartes artesanais e discos fantásticos de bandas que ninguém nunca ouviu falar. Felizmente (ou infelizmente, dependendo do ponto de vista), selos como esse agregam boa parte da música experimental finlandesa contemporânea. Breathtaking Sounds of Tivol, primeiro álbum do quarteto, é um miniCD com duas músicas e pouco mais de vinte minutos de duração. Pegando a atual onda de revitalização da psicodelia, o grupo segue os passos dos japoneses Acid Mothers Temple e junta a repetição do krautrock ao peso do rock dos anos 60. Alto e pesado, como deve ser. Breathtaking Sounds of Tivol soa como Neu! fazendo covers de Black Sabbath. Ou ainda, Deep Purple numa noite inspirada, criando "Smoke on the Water" duma jam, sem guitarras virtuosas ou solos de teclado. É quase heavy metal, mas não se deixe enganar. Como bônus, efeitos eletrônicos indecifráveis e mantras vocais completam o álbum. Deve ser um bando de hippies cabeludos." 4 hearts in a can

"lengthy growling krautrock instrumentals - rough, garagey, chaotic" Boa Melody Bar

"Two raw, pounding psychedelic slabs of riff-rock with whirring layers of thick kosmische space-noise drizzled on top which bring to mind bands such as Guru Guru, Black Sabbath, Acid Mothers Temple (when they kick it out!) and Comets on Fire. A great release from another Finnish band to watch out for." Sea of Shining Shoryobuni

"Two long tracks of droning lo-fi krautrock psychedelia. The first one (with a title too long and stupid for me to write here) kicks off as raunchy rock'n'roll with some additional psychedelic effects. It does get a bit boring after a couple of minutes, but as the song slows down for a while after seven minutes and becomes more free and freaked out, it grabs me again and makes me think that Tivol would probably be quite a live band and that I'd really like to go out right now and have a few beers. The second track starts slower and heavier (great bass sound), but unfortunately also a bit boring. The problem gets fixed with a free part starting at around 3 minutes. The track gets maybe a bit more structured as it goes on, but still remains interesting and freaky enough. Bottom line: I think that the tracks could've been shorter and the drums (especially in the second track) could've been mixed a bit lower, but otherwise I have no real complaints. Nice full colour cover art, too. Hey Tivol guys, if I bought a couple of beer cases and shared them with you, would you come to play in my living room?" Pekka PT, Dilettante's Digest

"Finland's Tivol might be one of the best kept secrets on the Nordic peninsula. These psychedelic monsters remind me a lot of another great Finnish psych-rock band, Pharaoh Overlord. Put in plain terms, Tivol fucking rock. Every time I listen to "Breathtaking Sounds of..." I can't sit still. This music is full of energy. The first track has a title that's long enough to be a paragraph, and since it's in Finnish, I'm not even going to try and put it in here. But this track is amazing. Eleven minutes of a pure psych freakout. As soon as the crunching opening guitar riff drops in, you know you're in for a wailing good time. Add in some low-end bass and screeching vocals, and this is some of the best rock music I've heard in a long time. It just builds and builds until it finally explodes at the end. This is the ultimate release. Freaking genius! The second track, "Jawohl, Tivol!" is a slower, more methodic track, but it rocks just as hard. Especially great on this piece are the middle passages where everything just culminates into this chaotic, bombastic mess. Again, this is a huge release of tension that Tivol build up throughout the opening of the song. I can't recommend this enough. For any and all fans of the Finnish underground, and psych/kraut in general, Tivol is a must own. Totally fucking excellent. 9/10" - Brad Rose, FoxyDigitalis

"Tämä on jännä, jo joulukuussa 2002 julkaistu 3" CD-R Imatralaiselta Tivolilta. Yhtye on julkaissut tämän lisäksi ainakin yhden CD-R:n, muuta en heistä sitten tiedäkään. Tämä pikkuruinen lätty pitää sisällään kaksi yli kymmenen minuuttista instrumentaalista, energistä psykerockkappaletta. Bändin muodostavat Askola, Ihanamäki, Kettunen ja Nevalainen, ja ihan kiitettävää mekkalaa kaverit saavat aikaiseksi. Yhtye tuntuu luottavan toistettavuuden voimaan, jonka päälle sitten jammataan niin maan perkeleesti. Kitarasoundit ovat melko rankat, ja avaruusefektejä on käytössä läjäpäin. Raskaat rummut lisäävät yhtyeen voimaa. Bändillä tuntuu olevan aika punk -ote improvisaatiossaan, mutta sopivasti psykedeelisillä elementeillä varustettuna. Olisiko Sonic Youthia myös kuunneltu joskus? Myös krautrock -elementtejä on havaittavissa. Soundit ovat melko kellarinauhoitustasoa, mutta eipä se tässä paljoa haittaa. Mukava olisi kuulla bändiä enemmänkin, livenä he varmasti räjäyttäisivät pään. Hinta Suomessa vain 4 € posteineen, joten mikset sinäkin tutustuisi yhtyeeseen." Astro, Palasokeri

"This is an exiting 3" CD-R by Imatra-based Tivoli, and it was recorded already in December 2002. The band has released at least one CD-R besides this one, and that's all I know about them. This tiny little disc includes two over ten minutes long instrumental, energetic psych rock tracks. The band is formed of Askola, Ihanamäki, Kettunen and Nevalainen, and these fellows can really create quite a noise. The group seems to trust in the power of repetition, and they jam like hell on top of it. The guitar sounds are pretty hard, and they use loads of space effects. The heavy drums add to the power of the music. It sounds like the band has quite punky touch in their improvisation, but suitably equipped with psychedelic ingredients. I wonder if they have listened to some Sonic Youth at some point, as well? There are also some kraut rock elements to be detected. The sound is pretty cellar recording standard, but it doesn't really bother that much here. It would be nice hear the band a bit more, and I'm sure they would explode your head live. The price is only 5 € for Europe, 7 € elsewhere, so why don't you too get introduced to this band." Astro, Psychotropic Zone

Insert for LTJ-08

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