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LTJ-09 Grey Park: A Preparatory Course For Agents Going Abroad


Grey Park: A Preparatory Course For Agents Going Abroad



1. oranssi valo (2:34)
2. syyskuussa (13:22)
3. datafetus (4:27)

Released 25.10.2003.
From guitar-strumming psych folk to experimental electronics.

NOTE: digital version available here.

Grey Park

"the course kicks off with staggered guitar strum + abstract electronics + slow motion drumkit, very brief, like a mellow take on eusa kills-dead c; strange pulses & voices take over on track 2, with the full transformation to electronic weirdism taking place in track 3, the appropriately titled "datafetus", a strange birth of static & high pitched drone--my favorite of the three. a nice arc overall to the whole release." Glenn Donaldson, Jewelled Antler

"Another one which is just as hot off the presses is Grey Park's eminently titled A Preparatory Course for Agents Going Abroad. "Oranssi Valo" is a short instrumental based around strummed electric guitar, a tapestry of gentle electronics and laid-back percussion. It's the sound of a chilly, particularly gray November morning, or maybe music of a mind in a similar mood. Its melancholic psych/folk vibe is replaced by the electronic hymn which is "Syyskuussa". It displays a sound that ebbs and flows naturally, employing silence as much as any electronic tool or sample to get where it's going. Waves of electronics move into radio static and in the next some bizarre samples are repeated incessantly. The whole thing strikes me a bit as hearing the inner voices of a damaged mind. If "Syyskuussa" offers a glimpse of the damaged mind, then the closing "Datafetus" surely must be the quiet destruction of the same. Shrieking tones fill the air with tension and vibrations before it slowly fades away." Mats Gustafsson, Broken Face

"Grey Park also deserves some discussion as it's actually even better than Tivol. Instead of rocking it just undercuts the entire rational trappings of music and goes on from there to butcher three or four musical genres simultaneously, blasting a big fucking cannon off at the decks of anyone who still listens to music from a major label. I listened to this one twice and it never disappointed." Chris Moon, Blastitude

"more Finnish strangeness: starts with a wistful guitar led instrumental and then delves into weird electronics: one track a swooping synth over a tribal drum, the other a mass of buzzing." Boa Melody Bar

"some nice folk-psych acoustic guitar strumming gives way to a fully electronic sonic bath." Time-Lag

"This one has 3 tracks. The first one is a short instrumental lo-fi "rock" tune. For me it creates a nice relaxed and slightly intoxicated mood, but then suddenly stops. On one hand I wish that the track was longer, but on the other I fear that had they continued, it might have turned into an endless and boring postrock jam. The second track starts with a really good sounding percussion loop and minimalist electronic sweeps. At around 3 minutes, some weird speech sample and other sounds are added. 5 minutes into the track brings some totally broken beats and electronic noises into the mix, making it more eventful and thus interesting, which is nice. The track continues as a bizarre collage of different beats, sounds and samples until calming down (yet remaining quite disturbing) and ending at around 13 minutes. Really good, this one. The final track (brilliantly titled Datafetus) is a collage of noisy electronic sounds, some of them rather piercing. It's very good, too, but listening to it loudly will give you a headache. I think I've heard most of Grey Park records, and most of them are in my opinion stylistically a bit too diverse. The same goes with this one, the first track sounding completely different from the last two. I think they could've left it out to make a solid whole of two tracks. Grey Park guys, keep up the good work, but try to pay more attention to the record as a whole." Pekka PT, Dilettante's Digest

"I raved about Grey Park way back when here, and 3" CD-R "A Preparatory Course for Agents Going Abroad" is just as good, and a bit different. Instead of trembling dissonance and deep drone, at first we get a languid, quasi pop melody (think Low) beset with moog drones. The other two tracks explore a more post industrial space with minimal synth and tapes noise, a bit closer to what I'd expect." Womblife

"Weird, fractured and synth driven. The third track drones in a lo-fi way, with lots of hiss, static, high pitched feedback (? - maybe that's just the tone they got from the synth - ?), and a delicate synth buzz. The first track is all bubbling synth sounds, which comes off as almost playful. The second is a little weirder and deconstructed. 7/10" Dick Baldwin

"...sisältää kolme tyyliltään erilaista raitaa. Alkujohdatteluna leppoisaa melankoliaa, jonka jälkeen siirrytään häiriintyneempiin ja lopulta rankempiin tunnelmiin." Musicnaut

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