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LTJ-15 Clay Figure: Eyes Of The Sun God


Clay Figure: Eyes of the Sun God  Clay Figure: Eyes of the Sun God



1. back in the village (5:10)
2. divine death (1:03)
3. set the controls for the heart of the sun (11:55)

Released 22.1.2004, includes a small insert, sold out.

Industrial "Folk", cover versions.

"Hi folks,

Hannu asked me to write a few words about this cdr, so here we go.. During the 10+ years that I've been playing music, I've always liked cover songs. My first serious band played a lot of covers from 1980s and early 1990s Finnish alternative rock bands and such. After that I've drifted into more experimental waters, but the thought of making more covers has always been in my mind. When Hannu told he'd like to release a Clay Figure cd-r on 267 Lattajjaa, I figured out that the time had come.

The first track, Back In The Village, was originally made by Iron Maiden. It's a little less known track from their 1984 masterpiece lp Powerslave. I figured out the song's basic chord structure and thought it would translate well into a folk song. I changed the chorus a bit to make it more singable (is that a real word?), and replaced the solo/bridge section with a bunch of samples from The Prisoner tv serial. The song is based on that serial (Maiden also have an earlier song based on the same theme titled The Prisoner) and as I'm also a Prisoner fan, it was an obvious solution. The song (and the serial) is, to put it briefly, about a non-comformist individual repressed by the society around him. 1984, Brave New World, We...

The second track, Divine Death, is a classic one from Napalm Death's first lp Scum. In the end of that song there's the repeated scream "divine death". I sampled and looped that scream, and recorded it through a couple of effect pedals, added some more sounds to make it a fuller whole and finally spoke the lyrics on top of that. The part "individuality disabled, blinded by fables" fits well into the theme introduced in the first track.

The final track, Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun, originally appears on Pink Floyd's second lp A Saucerful Of Secrets, as well as on the live section of their Ummagumma double lp. I've been wanting to make a cover of this song ever since I started to play music, so it was about time. I recorded a drum loop and played variations of the basic riff of the song on top of that with a keyboard. Then I layered a whole lot of different things there and manipulated the track on a computer for a rather interesting result, I think. Originally this song is, I think, just a psychedelic space rock song, but I tried to turn it into a description of an Icarus character who is finally blinded by a divine (or whatever) light because he refuses to accept his lousy situation and aims higher. "Individuality disabled, blinded by fables" again..."

-Pekka PT/Clay Figure

NOTE: Reissued on Kirpputi-Kakkos!.

Musically Incorrect Records
Clay Figure Discography

"experimental 4 track recordings - strange little melodies / almost melodies accompanied by all kinds of odd scrapings and scratchings. 'Cover versions' is what it says it is: Clay Figure take liberties with Iron Maiden, Pink Floyd and Napalm Death songs!" Boa Melody Bar

"another effort from this eclectic turku project, this is made up of three loose folkish cover versions of iron maiden, napalm death & pink floyd mixed with lengthy soundscape-passages of noises, drones & samples. on the vocal/acoustic guitar sections, CF once again proves my theory that he is the third (Finnish) Jefferies brother. volcano the bear/gate comparisons still stand, but only because it's pretty atypical for "experimental" music, great taste in cover songs too..." Glenn Donaldson, Jewelled Antler

"Clay Figure plays three covers here, by resp. Iron Maiden, Napalm Death and Pink Floyd. In the Iron Maiden piece 'Back In The Village', he plays acoustic guitar and sings, half way through intercepted by spoken word collage cut up, whereas Napalm Death 'Divine Death' is some very vague sounding samples. Pink Floyd's 'Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun' is the longest piece here and is a long guitar solo and drum piece, which get a noise treatment. Since I'm not familiar (give or take) with the originals, it didn't do much for me." Vital Weekly

"cover versions of back in the village (iron maiden), divine death (napalm death), and set the controls for the heart of the sun (pink floyd). really. you'd barely know it though. pretty sweet." Time-Lag

"Loosely rendered fucked up industrial-folk cover versions of Pink Floyd, Iron Maiden and Napalm Death songs (!) by Finnish four-track master Pekka PT. Great!" Sea of Shining Shoryobuni

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