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LTJ-23 Davenport: Little Howling Jubilee


Davenport: Little Howling Jubilee Davenport: Little Howling Jubilee



1. little howling jubilee (18:20)

Released 29.4.2004.
"Venturing into much more menacing territory than it's sister piece "Springtime on Saturnalia" (from the wonderful New Zealand label
Pseudo Arcana). With "Little Howling Jubilee" Davenport invokes broken strings, fluttering drones, and pounding drums in this medicinal ritual. The tribe gathers to shut out the burning world through howling exorcism. The piece begins with a celebratory free percussion opening, settles into a grounding drone, then pulses alive into a commanding astral fever. Only to fall apart, moments later, in ecstatic reverie."

23 Productions
Davenport at Unbroken Circle

"sister piece to the wonderful Pseudo Arcana release but in a more unsettling vein: their blissful raga-esque playing becomes more fevered - insistent sitar / guitar drone, pounding percussion, possessed mutterings and moaning - great stuff" Boa Melody Bar

"In comparison to their 'Springtime on Saturnalia' 3" CD-R release on PseudoArcana, this is a much darker, more brooding affair which comes alive with hauntingly moaned and chanted incantations, droning guitar, sitar and violin flutter and pulsating, almost tribe-like, percussion. A brilliant excursion into the damaged and magical side of communal free-folk experimentation." Sea of Shining Shoryobuni

"Clay Ruby is like the puppet master in the Madison, Wisconsin underground. There's a million things happening up there and he seems to have a hand in most of them. Luckily for us, his talent does not exceed his prolific nature. "Little Howling Jubilee" is a one-track 3" CD-R on the fantastic 267 Lattajjaa imprint out of Helsinki. On this release, Davenport reminds me a great deal of many Finnish artists so it seems particularly appropriate that it's on this label. As the piece begins, we get low-frequency drones mixed with metallic, random percussion. This is like some of Keijo's best moments, and gives the impression of falling snow. The track wheezes and hums along until it falls into a fire pit full of rhythmic tribal drums underneath walls of keyboard drones. Add in some chirping flute-like instrumentation and some cryptic vocals, and it's like being transported from Finland to the the Australian Outback. This is my favorite part of this long track - it has dirty, eerie feeling to it that is like being dragged through the mud. Davenport has explored this regions with great success on past releases. Once the jangly acoustic guitar drops in, "Little Howling Jubilee" is at full flight. The drums continue booming and I can smell the burnt tree trunks keeping these giant fires burning sky-high. It all comes together and the results are brilliant. Just when it feels like you can't take anymore, like you're going to explode from all the built-up tension, the entire piece falls apart. Chimes and other glassine percussion clatter the ground and personify the ritual's dissolution. This is fucking great. I am starting to be convinced that Davenport can do no wrong. Highly recommended. 8/10" - BR, FoxyDigitalis

"...starts with a murmur of free clatter and drones and builds to quite a mind-blowing barrage of the kind of tribal jam insanity that Amon Düül used to churn out with some consistency at the end of the 60s. By the time those moaning chants come in and that damn dog starts to barkin'...an inspired mess it is." Womblife

"I like Davenport. They're like the bastard cousin of Jewelled Antler, who never really liked folk music but was really into jazz which led to free jazz which led to NNCK and noise. This shows them arching tones across each other's backs, muffled with enormous pillows, resonating and vibrating against and off of one another. Around the halfway point, a rhythm makes itself felt. Other auxiliary sounds begin to creep into the mix (acoustic guitar, clicks, buzzes, whispers, moans and wheezing chords). Beautiful! 8/10" Dick Baldwin

"More drone from 267 Lattajjaa. Not surprisingly, this isn't as good as Anla Courtis disc reviewed above, and to be honest, this doesn't rise above the average free-hippie-drone that is all too common nowadays. There's droning low-end sounds, clattering percussions, bells, flutes, out-of-tune guitars, etc, but they aren't use in any way that would make them stand out. I think they aim at some kind of "shamanistic" feel as the track gets more rhythmic in the end, but not too successfully. Also, the constant low hum starts to get irritating at some point. If you like this kind of music, Davenport is a safe bet, but certainly nothing special." Pekka PT, Dilettante's Digest

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