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LTJ-26 The Wooden Cupboard: Animals Speak The Spirit Tongue

5 EUROS / $8

The Wooden Cupboard The Wooden Cupboard



I. crystal agony (6:18)
II. eternity has a landlord (4:04)
III. spirits and retribution (3:15)
IV. eternities diamond prison system (7:36)
V. walkin' gilded coals (2:58)

Released 5.2.2005, ritualistic psychedelia from James Ferraro (The Skaters), includes an insert, sold out.
"this recording dries the blood off the dark forest with candles, then unearths the lead goblet where animals speak to spirits and trees."

Nature Tape Limb

"267 lattajjaa heräsi henkiin ja ilahdutti ihmiskuntaa julkaisemalla The Wooden Cupboardilta CD-R:llisen musiikkia. Animals Speak The Spirit Tongue sisältää pilvituokion säestystä iltanuotioillenne paikallisen heimonne riittitilaisuuksiin. Sävy on enimmäkseen tumma mutta muuttuu valoisammaksi ja toiveikkaammaksi lopussa. Ei tarvitse siis edes pelätä pahaa trippia." Jaakob Karhu

"begins with some random clattering, howling and guitar string pulling and gradually builds into a gloriously tripped-out ecstatic wailing drone piece" Boa Melody Bar

"Carrying forward ever deeper into the experimental we come to the pineal gland ripping music of The Wooden Cupboard on 'Animals Speak The Spirit Tongue'. Almost beyond music into a howl at the nightsky, the music wolves would make. From the worryingly quiet chimes to the terrifyingly intense calls, this unbroken music comes together into surges of crescendo. This is the sound of nature rebelling, calling out to their ancestors to reclaim the ground. Here we have a music that seems unhuman, more beast than man. Animal calls to the moon that put a chill in the heart of every person walking back home across the fields." Lord of Misrule, Unbroken Circle

"The moral to Animals Speak the Spirit Tongue is that you have to do a lot of mediation before you can achieve Zen. The album's first three songs and 18 minutes are relatively confrontational and atonal, but once you break through those songs, the last six minutes are beauty and bliss. The album starts with "Crystal Agony" where sustained tones from feedback create an Eastern European folk vibe. The clarinet creates a slide-whistle type sound as tribal hand-drumming and distorted chants and ohhms create tension. This tension gives way to "Eternities Diamond Prison Syst," where muted screams, scratches, and banging haunt the space. "Enternity Has a Landlord" begins the transcendence, as chimes and meditative guitar create pleasant tones underneath a hailstorm of clatter. The last two songs, "Spirits and Retribution" and "Walkin' Gilded Coals," are the blissful end to the album. In the first, a fluttery flute floats on top of a bellowing cloud of keyboards. The soft sounds melt into each other, creating a gentle, free glide. In the latter, a clutter of clanging keyboards, chimes, and metal percussion creates a dense but pleasant bed of texture. The wyrd folk version of "Acknowledgement"/"Resolution"/"Pursuance"/"Psalm"? 10/12" Jim Steed, Fakejazz

"Brand new set of thundering vocal conceptions, thudding percussion and eviscerated loops from this solo project of James Ferraro of The Skaters, an SF duo that specialise in blowing rock form into ribbons of flesh and blood. Highly recommended for fans of Double Leopards, Hototogisu, Taj Mahal Travellers et al." Volcanic Tongue

"Heavy monster from James (the Skaters). Hold onto to your traveling ass whipping through the last dreams of Angus Maclise. Like the Skaters, the Wooden Cupboard retains an urban soul fuzz psych thug grit about it's astral rituals. However, with the Wooden Cupboard, James stretchs out and displays more meditative and intimate gestures." Skulls of Heaven

"More ecstatic molten wickedness from James Ferraro of The Skaters solo project The Wooden Cupboard. Wild howls shot through broken amps at blistering volumes to create music that'll melt your furinture. Right now we cannot get enough of what we're hearing from The Skaters. Recommended." Second Layer Records

"I keep thinking this disc is some old, warped cassette of ritualistic worship music created by an esoteric California fertility cult that spent the mid-'70s organically fusing classical Indian ragas, the solemn chants of a Tibetan tantric choir, Velvet Underground-inspired experimentation with lo-fi tape hiss, and ghostly, falsetto-rich doo-wop balladry from the mid-'50s. However! I do know who made this sublime batch of cosmic soul-noise -- the Wooden Cupboard (a pseudonym employed by James Ferraro, Mission denizen and one-half of the psych-noise duo the Skaters). From what I've learned, Ferraro enters his bedroom with a tattered array of gear (guitar, minisynth, microphone, tapes, hand-held percussion, four-track recorder, etc.) and, after several hours, exits feeling rather stunned -- coming down from what can be described as an "ecstatic spiritual state." Now, I have no idea if you and I possess spirits, but I can tell you that the droning ululations of Ferraro do, indeed, speak to that side of me I would label "religious." This is religious music -- strange, gloriously shimmering religious music -- proof that pop, underground noise, and Eastern mysticism can be fused into a profoundly meditative listening experience." Justin F. Farrar, SF Weekly

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