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LTJ-35 Ville Moskiitto: Ylistyksiä

5 EUROS / $8

Ville Moskiitto: Ylistyksiä Ville Moskiitto: Ylistyksiä



1. soistunut (5:32)
2. laulu kantaa yli laakson (10:16)
3. lähemmäs herraa (8:30)
4. jäänteitä (8:38)
5. olen kuullut on kaupunki tuolla (11:13)

Released 22.2.2005, free-association drone.

"Crackling mumbling free-association drone recorded in the deep and dark caves of Turku: drawing inspiration from the dim and snowless winter, sleep deprivation, sickness and alcohol. Try and catch the wind."

Ville Moskiitto's Blog
Ville Moskiitto

"Ville Moskiitto on turkulainen mutta tekee silti oikein miellyttävää äänimaisemaa. "Ylistyksiä" on uuden CD-R:n nimi, ja julkaisijan määritelmä "free-association drone" kertoo paljon. Nättejä äänimattoja, jotka jaksavat kantaa jokaisen toistonsa." Jaakob Karhu

"an atmospheric evocation of winter from Finland with chilly blasts of pipes and melodica, cavernous wheezy organ drone and ringing drones from prepared guitar" Boa Melody Bar

"Finnish artist Ville Moskiitto on 'Ylistyksia" have clanging notes like bells being triggered in the air, it's often onminous, tension waiting for release. It's never restful, always probing, watching, building. More than drone, this refuses to settle. As it drifts it sometimes forms into note clouds of momentary beauty, reverberating off cave walls then dissapating only to come again in thousands of years. Music so far removed from the norm, so bracing and frozen is a rare thing." Lord of Misrule, Unbroken Circle

"Ville Moskiitto is a newcomer in the world of the Finnish underground, but don't let that fool you. Ville Moskiitto constructs angular soundscapes using minimal instrumentation and a wide variety of treatments and effects. "Ylistyksiä" is an expansive album with numerous nooks and crannies. The memorable aspect of it is the journey one takes to explore all of these ins-and-outs. Moskiitto is a talented artist, and is quickly becoming a master of piecing together richly textured sonic explorations.

One great thing about "Ylistyksiä" is its use of instruments other than just guitar. Many of Moskiitto's early recordings mostly used treated strings, but this one expands the repetoire. The use of melodica is lovely. "Jäänteitä," for example, meditates on a few notes over the course of nearly nine minutes. But in this space, Moskiitto finds a higher plane. With a rich, though somewhat raw tone, this track evokes the idea that perfection is anything but. It's a brooding and mesmerizing piece.

A lot of Ville Moskiitto's guitar pieces remind me of one of my favorites, Steven R. Smith. It's the somewhat dark, angular quality of his playing that does it. This is especially evident on pieces like "Soistunut" and "Lähemmäs Herraa." Now, I have no idea what this means, but these glacial explorations are numbing. It's like being stuck in a frozen lake, watching the world fade as you struggle to stay conscious. The latter track is especially harrowing, but there is an eerie beauty within its hollow notes.

This Turku sound artists is surely one to watch over the coming years. On "Ylistyksiä," Ville Moskiitto is finally showing the world the pile of recordings he's been collecting through the years. As Moskiitto's confidence grows, so will his work, and that can only be a good thing. Very nice indeed. 8/10"
Brad Rose, Foxy Digitalis

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