267 lattajjaa catalogue

Latest news:


New digital release out today, a 2-track electro release from Huumesilmät (ltj-118).


Happy birthday 267 lattajjaa! Today it's exactly 15 years from the very first 267 lattajjaa release, OOOOOps-Cokish, and here it is now digitally, check it out on the 267 lattajjaa bandcamp page.


The fourth release, double compilation Tididii Tididii Tididiididii [LTJ-05/06], originally released in July 2003, is now available also digitally, check it out from the 267 lattajjaa bandcamp page.


New digi release out today from the australian violin dissident Adam Cadell [LTJ-117], check it out from the 267 lattajjaa bandcamp page.


New compilation tape The Devil Man has just been released [LTJ-116], also available as a digital download with an extra track on the 267 lattajjaa bandcamp page.


New release out today, great digi EP "Country Western Star" [LTJ-115] from Andrew Cosentino from Boston, free download on the 267 lattajjaa bandcamp page, file under beijing blues electronic folk hip-hop/rap new york Boston.


The old christmas compilation LTJ-XMAS from 2005 is out today as a free digital download on the 267 lattajjaa bandcamp page with 7 extra tracks, 6 of them are new and previously unreleased.


Lotus TAJ tape [LTJ-113] coming hopefully before the end of the year, but digi version is available today, available on 267 lattajjaa Bandcamp page, check it out, free download.


New digital EP from The Rrreverberationsss out today [LTJ-114], available on 267 lattajjaa Bandcamp page.


Ok, finally two new releases out, a psychedelic noise folk tape from Ville A.E. [LTJ-109] and a psychedelic ambient drone cdr from Tim Newman [LTJ-112], next up some more digi reissues on the 267 lattajjaa Bandcamp page. Also please note that most of the back catalogue is now deleted and there's just some random copies left so if you want anything then make your order soon.


To celebrate the date 26.7. we've just released the classic compilation 267 purkkia liimaa [LTJ-18] as a free download on our Bandcamp page, you can listen & download here. Please be sure to check the page occasionally, the idea is to add at least some more compilations in the future.


We're happy to announce that the 267 lattajjaa bandcamp page is now published, with the first release, the compilation The Other Side of Sarfsalö [LTJ-111] available as a free download. All the artists were given a picture and they were asked to do a psychedelic track influenced by that picture. 39 artists delivered their tracks and you can listen to them (and download) here, and you can see all the pictures on this page. More releases in autumn, maybe also some older ones will be available digitally.


There's now over 40 artists signed up for the new psychedelic compilation (LTJ-111, no page yet), everyone received a picture and they're supposed to make a track influenced by it. Current deadline in early may and the first track arrived already. Watch this space...


The physical version of the new Greippi album still delayed, but we are planning a new compilation, if you want to participate just send us email and ask for more details. The format might be cassette + digital.


Slight delays with the physical version of the new Greippi abum [LTJ-110], but it can be preordered already, and the digital version is available from Greippi's bandcamp page.


Finally a new release, the self-titled debut album from ÖÖÖÖÖ [LTJ-108], multimusic for multitask brains. Next up the long-awaited new Greippi album which should be ready in a week..


New tape release out today, a 60-minute tape of dark psych from the heart of Texas: The Rrreverberationsss - Music For Psychedelic People [LTJ-107], limited edition of 50 copies, hand-painted sleeves..


This year's final releases are out today, amazing new tape from Ville A.E. [LTJ-105] and "experimental pop opera" from Paanpa & Bearly Queen [LTJ-106]..


Brand new record from Grey Park out today, the amazing Three Notes on Stockholm Palindrome [LTJ-104] might be their best one yet, 27 minutes of experimental drones and buzzes mixed with mindblowing psychedelia. NOTE: If you bought the Vlubä disc [LTJ-103]) please note there was a wrong version of track 5 ("Pb") on the first copies, but you can download the final version as mp3 from here.


New releases from Pupil Wah [LTJ-102] and Vlubä [LTJ-103]) out today. Pupil Wah tape ("heavily effected psychic jamboree") is a new project from Jani Hirvonen (Uton), while Vlubä is the great argentinan psych band playing psychedelic drone.


Finally the first tapes (split from Boris Morgana and Tanec Hrac [LTJ-99] and a special Greippi tape [LTJ-101]) and the delayed new Greippi album (LTJ-92) are available! More to come in the future...


No new releases yet, but next month 2 new tapes (yeah, cassettes!) and the long-awaited new album from Greippi. Also, from now on you can pay with paypal (the usual address: hhaahti @ dlc.fi).


Still waiting for the release of the new Greippi album, and a special "promo" single from it, but there's 3 new releases finally out today: the new one from Kheta Hotem, another live recording, this time with bigger line-up, excellent komutian psych jam (LTJ-97) and then a brand-new Keijo album "Something In My Blood" (LTJ-98), this time the style is "hypnagogic blues", and last but not least, an amazing and long-awaited compilation Siikahan se siellä - A Tribute to Kahen Kilon Siika (LTJ-100), the ultimate forest folk freakout party album, actually with many styles from blues to dub to noise to electronics to forest folk etc.


The long-awaited Greippi album is still not ready but in the meantime there's a brand-new release from The Rrreverberationsss (LTJ-96), some hot psychedelic underground jams from Austin, Texas, you can check some tracks from their myspace.


Almost a year gone since the last release, but now 267 lattajjaa is back with four new releases, a brand new self-titled album of space rock from TBX, definitely their best one yet (LTJ-91), then a duo album from two members of Laivue (who just released their first album on Ektro), Wuolio & Puronaho (LTJ-93), an album of experimental "skwonk" from Meisselschieber (LTJ-94), and amazing 20-minute-mix of "lamatronic'n'roll" from Scarduff Sixpäck (LTJ-95) and please note that this one will be later also available as super-limited hand-cut quality vinyl LP with some extra material. If you want one, please preorder, those will be limited to maybe 20 copies and the price will be about 25 euros. Later a brand-new album from Greippi and then maybe something else too.


New extra limited (20 copies) Greippi e.p. Peruna (LTJ-90) out today to celebrate the first public concert of Greippi at Pikämies comic/record store in Helsinki. On this release there's three new tracks and special remixes and even an exclusive track from JS666.


Four new releases out today, Harps of Fuchsia Kalmia (LTJ-86), another new one from Keijo (LTJ-87), first record from Greippi's side project KDRT (LTJ-88) and a new one from Kenji Siratori (LTJ-89).


Two new releases out today, a collaboration with NZ-legend Clayton Noone (CJA, Futurians!, Armpit etc.) and Jani Hellén (Sonic Temple Assassins etc.) called C.J.A.N.I. (LTJ-84) give you some "mellow strumming behind a wall of hiss" while the finnish Ous Mal has made an album of dusty folk songs and beautiful melodies (LTJ-85).


And another 3 new releases: new album from the mighty JS666, art with a capitol F (LTJ-80), a brand new solo album from Keijo (LTJ-82), and a psychedelic split attack from Ester Poland and Kospel Zeithorn (LTJ-83). And, for a limited time you can get any 4 releases for 15 euros or $25 postage included.


267 lattajjaa starts the new year with 3 new releases, first the excellent self-titled record from Night Shift (LTJ-78), a russian "punk-ambient" trio. Then a new release from The Pistil Cosmos, a ritualistic psychedelic drone album called "The Praying Eyes" (LTJ-79). This French artist has previously released music under the name "V". Finally a brand new live album from Kheta Hotem, a band that plays shamanistic Komutean music and features Keijo. The 45-minute album features one long jam called Pimeyden karkotus (LTJ-81) and was recorded at the All In The Mind festival in Helsinki last November (i was there too, a great gig!). Next up a brand new album from the astonishing JS666 and possibly some new solo material from the mighty Keijo so stay tuned...


Finally some more releases out today, new ones from Luminous (LTJ-74), TBX (LTJ-75), Grey Park (LTJ-76) and the mighty Lörsson (LTJ-77). All four available for 15 euros or $24 postage included everywhere.


Out today some great drone improvisations from France, new album from Enfer Boreal (LTJ-72) and lots of older releases still available, but some are quite limited already...


Finally some new releases available, first of all another cybernoise attack from Kenji Siratori (LTJ-71), and a psychedelic 20+ minutes "collage for Mimosa of material anno 2005-2006" from Amigo Result (LTJ-73). Oh, and now all the records just 5 euros (or $8), postage included everywhere.


Two new releases out now, Lryeas (LTJ-69), "atmospheric bruising" from a Plat Ypus member, and some psychedelic improvisations from Przewalski's Horses (LTJ-70).


The second Greippi album, 'Ne On Valoja' (LTJ-65) finally out today, and you can check out some tracks from a new Greippi Myspace page. Another new release is split-cdr from TBX and This One Will Be The Runner (LTJ-68), a great follow-up to the TBX cdr from last spring (LTJ-61), cinematic sounds, psychrock and electronics.


New Boris Morgana record 'Im Plodoovosch' (LTJ-64) out today, a follow-up to 'Rotti Frutti' on Ikuisuus, two long tracks of excellent pysch drone, limited edition of 85 copies (40 copies on black cdr's) on special thick quality-printed sleeves. Also look forward to Boris Morgana vinyl album 'Liquid Child' soon out on Qbico.


To celebrate the 267th day of the year there's now two new releases out on 267 lattajjaa, a collection of unreleased hits from 2003 to 2007 by Vapaa (LTJ-66) and an album of death ambient noise from japanese cyberpunk writer and musician Kenji Siratori (LTJ-67). And next up finally the new releases from Boris Morgana and Greippi...


Finally a new release out on 267 lattajjaa, great new acid folk album with a super-long title from Almaden (LTJ-63). If you like artists like Devendra Banhart or Tyrannosaurus Rex then you better not miss this. Next up new releases from Boris Morgana and Greippi.


New compilation out now, 'Katsoin kauas ja sydämeni oli kaukana' (LTJ-62), music for a rainy summer, co-released with Suklaalevyt.


Out now a new finnish psychedelic space rock album from TBX (LTJ-61).


It's finally here, the long-awaited Loachfillet 3" In Random Selekt, Volume II (LTJ-53), psychedelic sounds in a limited edition of 100 copies.


Out today a brand new 3"CDr from Selvä Pyy & Pyy Pivossa (LTJ-60), a 3-track psychedelic pop freakout. The long-awaited Loachfillet 3" (LTJ-53) is still delayed but hopefully will be out later this spring.


Out now a brand new 3"CDr from Rokkiryhmä (LTJ-59), 21+ minutes of great fresh lo-fi folkpop. Also out soon a 3" from Loachfillet (LTJ-53).


Out now Chora (LTJ-54) and Grey Park (LTJ-58). Also The Grand Hotel (LTJ-57) has been out for a while.


Bunch of new releases out, "Love Missile F2-67" (LTJ-F267), "Songs" by Leafy Green (LTJ-55) and Ghosts Br\E2mes of The Cerf (LTJ-56), and more coming in near future from Chora and The Grand Hotel.


The other new compilation Ihmettelenpä Sanoi Kampela jos Lahana on Pliisu (LTJ-44) is finally out today, another wonderful selection of tracks from the psychedelic underground all over the world.


The next compilation (LTJ-44) is delayed a bit but in the meantime there's two new releases out now, first release from a new finnish artist, Ressu (LTJ-51), a collection of beautiful melodic, slightly droney tracks, and the second new release is brand new album from Lamppukello (LTJ-52), some crazy noisy junk-electronica. This is a limited edition of 66 copies in handpainted sleeves, and 20 first copies are on black cdr's and the package includes also a very special 15-minutes long bonus e.p. of exclusive material, more info here.


The long-awaited "Kanoja, myös hanoja" comp (LTJ-43) is finally out today, over 78 minutes of finest underground sounds from all over the world, limited edition of 100 copies on all-black cdr's.


The long-awaited psych-split from Birds of Delay and Goldblood (LTJ-46) is now available, a quiet psych drone from BOD and an "expansive lament" from Goldblood. Also the Ville A.E. Suopajärven Puiset Heilat 3" (LTJ-50) is available again.


The limited edition of Greippi-cdr (LTJ-47) will be released finally after easter, also the 3" of psychedelic folk from Ville A.E. Suopajärven Puiset Heilat (LTJ-50) will be available again.


Out now, the regular edition of Greippi-cdr (LTJ-47, the limited edition is a bit delayed), the first release from the helsinki-based drum'n'guitar duo Aineettomaksi Temperamentin (LTJ-48), some psychedelic hazy tape junk from Czolgosz (LTJ-49) and a 3" of psychedelic folk from Ville A.E. Suopajärven Puiset Heilat (LTJ-50).


Some hot new releases coming in march, check out the releases-page. The first limited edition of Greippi-cdr (LTJ-47) will be packaged in a DVD-case with special artwork and hand-made inserts, so the price will be a bit higher. It will be available later in the usual 267-l-sleeve, but anyone wanting the limited edition should make a reservation soon so we can decide how big the first edition will be.


Due to illness 267 lattajjaa will not be very active during february so please expect slow replys to emails and some titles being temporarily unavailable. Also all the forthcoming releases will be postponed.


New release from Grey Park out now: courses I-IV for agents abroad (LTJ-45), followed by the compilations and a split cdr from Birds of Delay and Goldblood. These should be out in late february.


Next releases on 267 lattajjaa will be compilations, the first one will be called Kanoja, myös hanoja (LTJ-43), followed by Ihmettelenpä sanoi Kampela jos Lahana on pliisu (LTJ-44). The first one is already compiled, but there's still time to send submissions for the second one, the current deadline is the end of december 2005. These compilations will be available next year, the first one hopefully in the end of january. But, before this there will be a very special release, the christmas compilation LTJ-XMAS, which will be given free with all the orders during december 2005 as long as there are copies available.


Out today the ambient collaboration from The North Sea and Rameses III called Night of the Ankou (LTJ-41), and a new 3"cdr from Vapaa (LTJ-42).


Out today the new Robert Horton cdr Washed Out Headspace (LTJ-40), "free jazz haunted drone", edition of 100 copies. Right now there's two new compilations in works, one "regular" and one christmas compilation, deadline for submissions is currently the end of september.


Finally out today, the brand new Terracid cdr Alltounia (LTJ-38), some great australian "forest folk" from the acclaimed mymwly-collective. Limited edition of 100 copies in hand-painted sleeves (some scans coming up later). Next up Robert Horton cdr in august.


Two new releases out now, Drunjus 3" Thick Winds Off The Sargasso (LTJ-34) and Ink by Zelienople (LTJ-39). After these the new cdr's from Terracid and Robert Horton.


The long-awaited Kekkonen compilation (LTJ-29) is finally out today! The ultimate party album with hand-painted sleeves. Next up probably the brand-new 3" from Drunjus (LTJ-34).


The Futurians cdr Pimp My Tardis (LTJ-37) is out today, some amazing lo-fi punk rock from outer space (or NZ, actually). Next up the Kekkonen comp in May, followed by a brand new record from Australian's Terracid.


The Hush Arbors 3" Cleaning The Bone (LTJ-33) is finally out today, the special limited numbered double edition co-released with Foxglove is sold out but some copies will be soon available from Eclipse in USA and Boa Melody Bar and Volcanic Tongue in Europe. Later this month hopefully the "Kekkonen" comp (LTJ-29) and a brand new album from the greatest lo-fi space punk band from NZ, The Futurians (LTJ-37).


Ben Reynolds: Silver Songs Or Ghost of a Cube (LTJ-36, great psychedelic raga drone) out today! and next up The Hush Arbors 3" Cleaning The Bone, the special limited numbered double edition co-released with Foxglove is sold out on preorders but there will be copies available at some distros. It will be released in april.


Two new releases out today! The North Sea: Council of Trees (LTJ-32, organic psych) and Ville Moskiitto: Ylistyksiä (LTJ-35, "free-association drone")!


Lörsson 3" (LTJ-03) is now reissued and next there will be new cdr's from The North Sea (LTJ-32) and Ville Moskiitto (LTJ-35) and at some point also a new great record from Ben Reynolds (LTJ-36). Clay Figure (LTJ-15), Sonic Temple Assassins (LTJ-19) and Vapaa (LTJ-27) are now sold out, but Clay Figure and STA are now available on Kirpputi-Kakkos!, also Uton 3" (LTJ-10) will be sold out very soon, but it will be a part of the forthcoming 3cd Uton anthology on Last Visible Dog.


The Wooden Cupboard cdr (LTJ-26) is finally released yesterday, it's 24+ minutes of great dark ritualistic psychedelia from a member of The Skaters.


Hello there and happy new year! 267 lattajjaa is slowly returning... next up there will be new releases from The North Sea, The Wooden Cupboard and Hush Arbors. These will hopefully be out in febrary with a reissue of Lörsson 3". Also some of the sold out back cataloque is now available on request on a new special label Kirpputi-Kakkos!. Please note that these will be without the original artwork, and mainly not available for distros.


There has been some technicial difficulties here, so 267 lattajjaa will take a short break from the business... this means that the forthcoming releases from The Wooden Cupboard and The North Sea won't be ready until sometimes next year, but hopefully soon things will be back to normal and there will also be a new 3" from the mighty Hush Arbors.


Two new releases out today, Palm Shaper by The Skaters (LTJ-30) and The August Light by Uton (LTJ-31) with 2 more releases coming on december from american artists The Wooden Cupboard and The North Sea. The "Kekkonen" compilation will be out sometimes next year, deadline for submissions is the end of december. The 3"-ers from Tivol and Clay Figure are now sold out. And finally, please sign the new guestbook for 267 lattajjaa.


The new 3"cdr from Skullpture, Farmyard Tapes (LTJ-28), is out now, also Rauhan Orkesteri's 3"cdr Felix (LTJ-11) is available again. Next up there will be new releases from The Skaters and Uton, followed by the Kekkonen compilation in the end of the year.


The new cdr from The Buried Civilizations is out now, this is a co-release with Jewelled Antler, more info from here. Next there will be a 3" from Skullpture and later the "Kekkonen" compilation. Remember there's still time to send your submissions for it.


The new Keijo cdr 'Soon with the Sun' is out now, great ambient psych.


There's going to be a new compilation featuring versions of J.O. Mallander's "Kekkonen"-track... all contributions are welcome, deadline is the end of september. Next release will be Keijo cdr, which will be ready hopefully at the end of the month, then later there will be a new 3"cdr from Skullpture. Finally, there was a spotlight on 267 lattajjaa in the latest Foxy Digitalis.


It seems that the all-too limited numbered edition of new Vapaa cdr 'Vuoma' is now sold out, but you can try to catch copies of it from Boa Melody Bar, Eclipse, Time-Lag or Outa. There will be new edition available soon, but it will be in paper sleeves.


Two new releases out today, the brilliant psychedelic drone from Anla Courtis and some free forest folk from Vapaa, the latter is limited numbered edition of 50 copies so please hurry if you want one.


Join the new 267 lattajjaa mailing list for info on upcoming releases etc. Next releases will be new Vapaa cdr and Anla Courtis 3" in july, followed by Keijo, Wooden Cupboard and Buried Civilizations in august.


The compilation is now available, also out soon: anla courtis 3" and a new cdr from Vapaa.


The compilation is almost ready (i know, i've been saying this for months, but...), it should be out in early june. Also some hot new psychedelic releases coming in the summer from Keijo (check out also his new double-cdr on PseudoArcana), Buried Civilizations (a Jewelled Antler project), Anla Courtis (Reynols-guitarist) and The Wooden Cupboard. The sold-out Kulkija ep will probably be reissued as a part of a big compilation box on another label next year so there probably won't be a cdr-reissue. It's also possible that there will be a new release from Vapaa at some point.


New 3" from the US band Davenport out today, beautiful and psychedelic 18-minute-dronefest. The compilation will be out hopefully in a week or two, it will feature 28 artists, some old, some remixed but mostly new and exclusive material. Kulkija ep is now sold out, but there might be some sort of reissue later, possibly with some added material.


A new release out today, a brilliant ep from Kulkija, 13-minutes of "damaged forest folk" from a member of Vapaa, packed in an envelope. Agnosia 3" should be out any day now, and the compilation hopefully sometimes in april. Vapaa cdr and Braspyreet 3" are now sold out.


New 3"-ers from Sonic Temple Assassins and Agnosia will be available soon, hopefully next week. Also the new compilation should be ready in early april. It will be a stunning comp featuring some of the greatest finnish underground artists along with bands from NZ and USA (one or two great contributions from the mighty Jewelled Antler collective). Later there will be a new Keijo cdr and maybe finally the long-delayed Aïr-compilation... but don't hold your breath...


Most of the records seem to be out of print, still some copies of 3"-ers and Vapaa cdr available. Vapaa has a new cdr out on their own label Outa, more info from here. Compilation will hopefully be ready sometimes next month. Vapaa cdr and Braspyreet 3" are now sold out.


Vapaa cdr is released as an edition of 50, with two alternative sleeves (25 each). The music is free ambient improv. The 3"-series will probably be deleted soon, so order while there's still copies left. The new compilation will hopefully be ready next month, and maybe also the Di Maissintähkä tape.


New Clay Figure 3" is out today, first edition 30 copies, more to come later... also more copies of some other 3"-ers will be available soon. New edition of Tivol is slightly delayed. New cdr by Vapaa will be out soon as an edition of 50.


New copies of older releases will be available soon, also new releases from Clay Figure and Vapaa, and later a limited edition cassette release from Di Maissintähkä and a compilation-cdr featuring tracks from old 267 lattajjaa releases as well as some new material.


Braspyreet 3" is now ready, but first extremely limited edition... more coming in january. Also coming new 3" from Clay Figure featuring three cover versions of songs by Iron Maiden, Napalm Death and Pink Floyd... and finally, Tididii-compilation is still in print but Rauhan Orkesteri seems to be sold out.


All the 3"-ers are available again, although in very limited editions. The forthcoming Braspyreet-disc is called Kissasirkus and might be ready before christmas... we'll see...


All the releases have been temporarily sold out... more coming in a week or two... in the meantime you can get some from Eclipse, Boa Melody Bar and Aquarius.


The new Pylon 3" is already out today! Also there will be some more copies of Tididii-comp later...


Pekko Käppi 3" is now available and it's a masterpiece! Also Pylon 3" will be out next week so orders are welcome... It seems the double-compilation Tididii... is now sold out, but maybe there will be a small new edition later...


Tivol 3" is now available, but the edition is rather small first... hopefully also this month there will be new releases from Pylon and Pekko Käppi.


New records from Grey Park, Uton and Rauhan Orkesteri has now been released, Tivol is slightly delayed. First editions are very small but there's more coming later...


Some hot new 3" releases coming soon, Tivol, Grey Park, Uton and Rauhan Orkesteri, with more to follow from Pylon, Braspyreet and Pekko Käppi...


Tididii-compilation is available again. Also there will be some great new 3"-releases soon, first 2 will be from Tivol (loud kraut-influenced psychedelic spacerock) and Grey Park (some guitar strumming and experimental electronics). These will be out in october with more to follow....


The first edition of the double compilation "Tididii Tididii Tididiididii" is now sold out, new edition coming soon, but there's just a slight delay with the printing of the sleeves. Also I should probably mention that "A-V-P" by Avarus is now officially sold out, but it's possible that there might be another edition with a different sleeve later... .


The new double-compilation cdr is finally ready, 160 minutes of mind-blowing, (mostly) finnish underground music... The first edition is very limited but there will be more soon... more details from here.


Original 150 copies of Avarus-cdr have been sold out but there's a special extra edition of last 25 copies now available. The forthcoming compilation is mastered and the covers are designed, there's just printing and burning the records... it should be out in early june. Check out tracklistings from here.


The long-awaited Lörsson / Plat Ypus -split is finally out today. The compilation will be out probably on may.


All the copies of the forthcoming Lörsson / Plat Ypus -split have now been reserved. The split will be released on march.


The second edition of Avarus cdr 'A - V - P' is now available, hand-coloured unique covers like on previous edition, 5 euros including postage ($8 overseas).


The first edition of Avarus cdr 'A - V - P' is now sold out, new edition coming later...


New Avarus cdr 'A - V - P' is released today! 23 minutes of finest psychedelia in beautiful and colourful hand-painted sleeves, each of them unique. Order yours soon, these may go fast...


Avarus cdr will be out early in 2003, and the forthcoming compilation will be a double! Artists will include Agnosia, A\EFr, Avarus, Bob of America, Can Can Heads, Drakes Medicine, Ever Had, In-Walked Blank, Kilometritehdas, Kiva, Luu, Massaccesi, Michael Knight Ensemble, O Samuli A, Pylon, Rakennustuhkaa, Skullpture, The Slaughterhouse Quintet, Syöttöteho, Testicles, Uton, Verde and many more...


There's still space on the forthcoming compilation CDr due out in december. Join in, the style is free but keep it short and psychedelic! Styles (so far): experimental, noise, techno, indie, post-rock, punk, whatever... send e-mail if interested.

Next up is the new Avarus CDr, check out details from releases.

267 lattajjaa