IN BRITAIN Magazine March 1998 issue

The monthly magazine of
British Tourist Authority

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IN BRITAIN March 1998
IN BRITAIN March 1998
Front cover photo:
İphotographer Andy Woods,
stylist Kathryn Hawkins

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What to find in the March 1998 issue:

Editor's notebook
A slice of industrial heritage at Ironbridge, fishing and food in Devon, pottery at the Crafts Council in London and spiders in Nottingham.

Letters to the Editor
Funny tales, holiday memories and what you think about the best magazine on Britain.

Royal Yorkshire
JANE SIMMS explores the Yorkshire towns and countryside near Harrogate.

Fuel Britannia
Forget your preconceptions of what food is like in Britain, says JANE FURNIVAL, and fill up on the best cuisine.

Catching up on Cardiff
LAURA LATHAM takes a cultural break in the Welsh capital.

In the Conqueror's Footsteps
RONALD BLYTHE steps out on a new footpath in East Sussex.

WIN a walking trip to 1066 Country in East Sussex.

My Kingdom for a Horse
ANGELA YOUNGMAN explores Britain's equestrian heritage, from Newmarket to horse theatre and horse-drawn barges.

For the Love of Scotland
AUDREY BURHAM tours some of the properties cared for by the National Trust for Scotland.

Through the Keyhole
PAT MOORE takes a private view of some of the historic houses of Northamptonshire.

In Britain Directory
If you're planning a trip - here are some suggestions for where to stay, what to see and do, and lots more.

Forthcoming events
Festivals, exhibitions, shows, sports fixtures and lots to do over the next few months.

My bit of Britain
Rolling Stone BILL WYMAN talks about his love for his home county of Suffolk.

IN BRITAIN March 1998 page 20
IN BRITAIN March 1998, page 20,
"Fuel Britannia"
Forget preconceptions of what food is like
in Britain and fill up on the best cuisine.

IN BRITAIN March 1998 page 54IN BRITAIN March 1998 page 55

IN BRITAIN March 1998 pages 54-55
"Through the keyhole"
Pat Moore visits historic privately-owned houses
Pictures İPat Moore

IN BRITAIN March 1998 page 38IN BRITAIN March 1998 page 39
IN BRITAIN March 1998 pages 38-39
"My kingdom for a horse",
Angela Youngman rides around the UK.
Pictures İCalderdale Council Derek Pratt,
Waterways Photo Library

IN BRITAIN March 1998 page 70IN BRITAIN March 1998 page 71

IN BRITAIN March 1998 pages 70-71
"My bit of Britain"
Bill Wyman of Rolling Stones
Pictures İRos Drinkwater/Rex Features


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