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November 1997 issue, page 3

"This issue had been intended to be a celebration of a happier event - the golden wedding anniversary of Her Majesty the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh - but, as we were going to press, the shocking news of the death of Diana, Princess of Wales, came through and we have chosen to replace that feature with our own tribute to the Princess. What was to have been a time of celebration for the Royal Family and for the country - when we would have looked back at that happy occasion at Westminster Abbey 50 years ago - will now be a time of sadness for us all.

As I write, I am overwhelmed by the strength of the shock and sadness that has swept both this country and the world as everyone tries to come to terms with such a sudden and tragic loss. It brings home to me just how many lives the Princess had touched in some way. Over the years, people have reacted to her almost as though she was a member of their own family - through good times and bad - and it is almost as if a member of their own family has been lost. She has been called The People's Princess - the people will certainly remember the life and death - and the good works - of this remarkable person.

When you read this, the funeral of the Princess at Westminster Abbey will have taken place and she will have been laid to rest at the Spencer family home at Althorp in Northamptonshire. Our thoughts and good wishes must now be with the families of all the victims of this tragedy and for the Princess, as they look to their future."


November 1997 issue, page 3
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