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Empires in Arms and Lady Fortune

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Ville Hurmalainen

Empires in Arms

The Avalon Hill Game Empires in Arms has been one of the all time favourites in our club. And why not, as long as the game system is working very well and the rules are simple enough.

As a simulation EiA is rather simplified: less details means more playability. But sometimes you still need some spice, something unpredictable. You should not underrate the fate, Lady Fortune has her place in the history. So here it is: a random event table for Empires in Arms, plus a few other rules we have used in our games:


Rule 1: Random events

Throw one die (1D6) on every economic round. In case of 5 or 6 there is a random event. Then throw two dice (D66), one for tens, one for ones. Example: 6 and 1 equals 61.

11. Persia makes a treaty with Russia. More troops are available. Russia has manpower +10 MP this turn.

12. Russia can make a treaty with Sweden.
* If Sweden is conquered, this is no event
Russia may take Sweden as a FREE-state, but with following restrictions:
-The Swedish Army may move only in Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark and Pomerania.
-If the Swedish Army is participating to conquer any area, that area will be now a part of Sweden (as a CONQ-area).
- Swedish Fleets are restricted to Baltic Sea.
- Sweden may use Danish Army and Fleet, but all restrictions will apply.

13. War in Persia!
Russia has manpower -10 MP this turn.

14. Sweden attacks Russia.
* If Russia is not at war with some other major power, this is no event.
* If Sweden is conquered, this is no event.
Sweden will be allied with that major power, as long as there is a state of war against Russia. Following restrictions will apply:
- Swedish Army may move only in Sweden, Finland and Russia (also any Russian and Swedish FREE and CONQ -areas).
- If any Swedish Army unit is participating to conquer any area, that area will be now a part of Sweden (as a CONQ-area).

15. Prussian resistance strikes.
One depot, which is situated in Prussia and belongs to non-allied major power, is destroyed. Prussian player will pick one.

16. Prussia will introduce new Krumpersystem.
Enlisting is now more succesfull. Add +1 MP each economic phase, until event 21 will occur.

21. Prussians will oppose heavy drafting.
Substract 6 MP next economic phase. Also will cancel event 16.

22. Major diplomatic blunder.
Austria may cancel one alliance and pay only -1 PP.

23. Archduke Charles reforms Austrian Army.
* No event if Charles is dead or currently removed due to a peace treaty.
Every infantry corps will get -1 modifier when foraging.

24. Croatian rebellion!
* No event if Austria has not surrendered unconditionally.
* No event if Austria does not own Illyrian area.
No money or manpower until rebellion is subdued. To subdue the rebellion, Austria must have 15 SP (Garrisons do not count) in Illyria province in three consequent months.

25. Revolution in Holland.
* No event before Jan 1809.
* No event if Holland is not French FREE-state.
* No event if French has no war with at least two major powers.
Holland is now a FREE-state to French enemy (choose randomly which). Remove Holland's corps, but fleet and garrisons remains(and they are controlled by the enemy now!). All French city garrisons are now prisoners. Depot garrisons are not affected.

26. Pope condemns Napoleon.
* No event before 1807
If Spain is allied with French, Spain will lose 2 PP. Is Spain is at war with France, it will get 1 PP and 5 militias immediately to any Spanish unbesieged city.

31. Great patriotic ELAN.
* No event after 1812.
France will add 16 MP in next economic phase.

32. Conspiracy in Paris.
Napoleon must travel there and clear things 1D6 turns. Event will be canceled if Paris is captured.

33. Denmark will join the continental system.
* No event if Prussia has not surrendered to France.
a) If Denmark is independent, it will no longer trade with England.
b) If Denmark is FREE-state, it will become French FREE-state and France will get 1 PP and former owner will loose 1 PP. This event will be canceled when Denmark is conquered.

34. Portugal will join the continental system.
* No event if Spain has not surrendered to France.
* No event if Portugal is British FREE-state.
a) If Portugal is independent, it will no longer trade with England.
b) If Portugal is FREE-state, it will become French FREE-state and France will get 1 PP and former owner will loose 1 PP. This event will be canceled when Portugal is conquered.

35. Christians insult Muslims.
Turkey may cancel one alliance and pay only -1 PP.

36. Jihad!
Turkey will defend the faith and may declare war to any major power, which has possessions in North Africa (=Morocco, Algeria, Tunis, Tripolitania, Cyrenaica and Egypt). Turkey will pay only 2 PP regardless any alliances.

41. Extremely harsh winter.
* Is an event if it is December.
Whole Baltic Sea is frozen to the Danish straits. All Danish straits have now crossing arrows. Fleets may not move to Danish straits and beoynd. Event will last to the spring.

42. Bumper crop.
* Is an event if it is September.
Add 10% to all income (basic tax, do NOT count trade etc.)

43. New gold deposit found in the New World.
Spain must add +3 to gold convoy roll. But if there is a war with England, and roll is more than 11, England will get the gold instead.

44. Rebellion in the New World.
There is dire need of more troops. Spain must send 8I (no militia) to the New World. Troops must be transported of the board within 3 months. Failure will mean -2 to gold convoy roll.

45. Austria's Italian provinces will rebel.
* No event if Austria does not have any Italian areas.
* No event if Austria is in peace with France AND Spain.
Choose randomly any Austrian owned Italian area. Roll 1D6 and apply with rebellion table. Add +1 to the die roll and extra +1 if the Kingdom of Italy has been created during the game.

46, 51. German nationalism is raising.
* No event before 1809.
* No event if there is not war between France and Austria and/or Prussia.
Choose randomly any French owned German area. Roll 1D6 and apply with rebellion table. Add +2 if France has had 3 or more wars with Austria and Prussia. Count each ally as one war, for example a war where Austria and Prussia are allied, will count as two wars.

52, 53, 54, 55. Revolts and disorder in small states.
Choose randomly any major power and then choose randomly any of its FREE- or CONQ-area. If that major power does not have any wars, substract 1 for a die roll. If that major power is at war, add + 1 to a die roll with EACH separate war, if that chosen area is FREE-state. And apply then the rebellion table.

56. Storms at the Atlantic.
All fleets have movement allowance reduced by 1, if they will travel the Atlantic or the North Sea. Minimum movement rate is still 4. This event will last 3 month.

61. The Houses of Parliament demand: we must rule Hannover!
England must have Hannover in its control within 6 months. Success will bring 2PP, failure will mean a loss of 1 PP.

62. Hunger strikes in Ireland with the possibility of rebellion.
Bad year in Ireland (lasts 12 month). All forage rolls add +2 to the die. And more...
a) If England is at war with France and Spain, Ireland will rebel. Put 2 Spanish militia in each town. All English garrisons are now Spanish prisoners. England will not get any money or manpower until there are no Spanish units in Ireland.
b) Otherwise there is only an economic catastrophy: no money to England. But instead 4 MP, manpower is now temporarily 6 MP.

63. Rebellion / unrest in Greece.
a) If there is a state of war between a major power and Turkey and that major power has any units in Greece and/or Crete, then feudal corps Greece will rebel. If it is not on board, this major power may stand it up anywhere in Greece/ Crete. If Turkey is using currently feudal corps Greece, the new owner may move it to an adjacent area (immediately). Turkey will get no money/manpower from Crete and Greece while this rebellious corps is on board. Rebellion will be over, when this corps is destroyed.
b) Otherwise the only effect is that feudal corps Greece will stand down immediately and it is not available for the rest of the year.

64. Great drought in the Mediterranean area. All the Mediterranean islands have their forage value reduced by -1. Moreover, all unbesieged garrisons must also forage, but they have modification -1 to the die roll.

65. Problem with Poland.
If Poland has been created during the game, Polish province will bring penalty -1 PP. (Not applicable to areas belonging to FREE-state Poland).

66. Leader returns.
If there are any exiled leaders, choose one randomly. This leader returns to home country and there are no loss of political points.

1A Rebellion table
1 no effect no effect
2 loose 2 SP no effect
3 loose 3 SP turns into neutrality
4 loose 4 SP turns into neutrality
5 turns into neutrality turns into neutrality
6 turns into neutrality change side
7 change side change side

(Change side, look E-in-A 4.6.3)

Rule 2: North Africa
(Morocco, Algeria, Tunis, Tripolitania and Cyrenaica.)
These independent and troublesome areas were actually not very tempting. Algerian pirates were a serious menace to seafaring. And isn't it odd, how easily manpower will join to any foreign army and gain tremendous morale boost.

    2a: Manpower.
    If any non-Muslim major power will CONQ area, this manpower may be used only to produce militia. Keep this militia separately, because you may not convert this militia to infantry (as per E-in-A rule 12.1.1).

    2b: Pirates of Algiers.
    Any amfibious assault in sea-area adjacent to the City of Algiers must roll one die. This is number of ships destroyed by pirates. These may be frigates (see rule 5).

    2c: Stubborn natives.
    These areas will surrend only when their capital is conquered and whole army is destroyed.

Rule 3: Sardinia
The Kingdom of Sardinia had actually very good army.
So put 5I in the Capital of Sardinia, when attacked. Morale is the same as the controlling major power has.

Rule 4: Manpower of France
Because of constant warfaring, France had quite a problem to find enough manpower after 1813.
French player should choose in June 1813: Quality or quantity.

    4a: Quality: morale remains at 4, but infantry needs now on 3 MP. French may change anytime to quantity.

    4b: Quantity: morale drops to 3, but infantry costs only normal 2 MP. French may NOT change this option. However, E-in-A rule does not reduce French morale furthermore.

Rule 5: Frigates
Frigates were eyes of the fleet and very important element to conduct pursuit. They were like "cavalry of the seas". Frigates usually didn't fight with ships-of-the-line, but their speed was very valuable to reconnaissance, trade wars and pursuits.

    5a: Build Frigates.
    Frigates will put into fleets like ships-of-the-line. A frigate will cost 7 money and 1 MP, build time is 12 months. A frigate will be counted to the limit of 30 ships, but in battle they have firepower 1/3. Initially England and Spain may change one ship-of-the-line to one frigate per a fleet counter. So Spain could have only 3 frigates. Other countries may change two SOL to two frigates per a fleet counter.
    England has commited itself so much to build ship-of-the-lines that in that time they were quite short of frigates. Royal Navy tried even to convert old ships into frigates, called razees, but usually they were too slow to be effective frigates.

    5b: Windgauge.
    The side that has superiority in frigates (ie. if a side has at least twice as many frigates as the other side), may throw again its own die, but this time with -1 modifier.

    5c: Speed of frigates.
    The fleet that has only frigates, has two evasion / interception rolls.

    5d: Capacity of frigates.
    The fleet that has only frigates, has trasportation capacity 5 MP only

    5e: Taking losses.
    A frigate is worth of SOL, but you may take losses from frigates only when there is not a single ship-of-the-line left.

Translation of the article published in our club's magazine "Insignia Imperatoria" 1/1991

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