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"I hope you lot aren't cowards! As Halloween approaches, I thought we should check up on the quality of the spirits in Britain's hostelries. And I don't mean just the liquid kind! It has been a long arduous study but we felt that it was our bounden duty at IN BRITAIN to establish whether pubs are quite safe for our loyal leadership to frequent. We know you are a sensitive lot. However, the jury is still out - so you'll just have to turn to page 46 for our guide to some of the more interesting visitations and unexplained occurrences and try some out for yourselves. And I shall just have to do a little more research - there are still a few pubs with recommended food, real ale and good wine list - and a good old-fashioned spook story - that I haven't checked out yet.

This issue we also explore a couple of properties which really ought to have a ghost or two: that perfectly crooked house, Little Moreton Hall in Cheshire (star of this month's over) and the Marquess of Bath's rather extraordinary home, Longleat in Wiltshire. There's quite an interesting lineage there, and if you have a passion to trace your own roots, you should read our feature on ancestral research on page 36. My lot claim links back to Spain's Hall near that exquisite little village of Finchingfield in north Essex (well, wouldn't you?). A chap called D'Espagne was reputedly given that patch of land in return for his support of William the Conqueror. Take a look at your own family tree - you never know what skeletons you might discover in your ancestral cupboard!

Andrea Spain"

IN BRITAIN October 1997 page 3
IN BRITAIN October 1997, page 3
The wall painting Destiny in the Long Gallery
at Little Moreton Hall in Cheshire. The photo:
The National Trust Photographic Library,
Andreas von Einsiedel. All rights reserved.
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