Finno-Ugrian Heritage in Russia
Suomalais-ugrilainen perintö Venäjällä

In English
The Ancient Art of Perm (by Andrei Kokov)
Meshchera article by Alexei Markov (Egorievsk) 
In Russian
The enigma of former Finnish nations: Muroma, Meria, Meshera.
  • Meshchera article by Alexei Markov (Egorievsk) -- Russian version
  • Egorievsk history and place names -- from "We are Egorievsk people", the village encyclopaedia book by V.I.Smirnov (RUS)
  • Meshera and Mordva relation  (RUS)
  • Mishari and Mordva wedding songs by Mihail Akashkin
  • Muroma people and Murom people history (RUS)  by Murom museum 
  • Murom history by Nikolai Baranov (RUS)
  • The ethnic history of Volga and Oka areas (RUS) 
  • Meria and ves' toponims of Vologda and Yaroslavl land (RUS)
  • Meria archeology (RUS) by Murom museum 
  • Meria in Vladimir and Ivanovo lands (RUS) 
  • Nikolai Trubetzkoi: Turan elements in Russian culture

    Links to the sites in Finno-Ugrian Republics in Russian Federation (mainly Russian - RUS, sometimes English content too - UK; in Carelia in Finnish also - FIN)

    In English
    Karelian Flag Carelian Republic (Petrozavodsk) -- RUS, UK  Karjalan Tasavalta (Petroskoi) 
    Komi Republic Komi Republic (Siktivkar) -- RUS  Komin Tasavalta (Syktyvkar
    Udmurt Republic Udmurt Republic (Izhevsk) -- UK  Udmurtian Tasavalta (Izhevsk
    Mordovian flag Mordovian Republic (Saransk) -- RUS  Mordvan Tasavalta (Saransk
    Mari Flag Mari-El Republic (Yoshkar-Ola) -- RUS,UK  Marin Tasavalta (Joshkar-Ola
    • Marin yliopisto 
    • Päivän uutiset "Radio-M" ... oikeastaan ei ollenkaan joka päivän... ;)
    • Kokoelma Marilaisista kertovia sivuja (ikuisesti kesken) 
    • "Kugarnia" -- marinkielisia uutisia
    • Itä-marilaisen diasporan mobilisointiprojekti (Seppo Lallukka, Paul Fryer) 
    Komi-Permiak flag Komi-Permiak republic (Kudymkar) 
    Ingria Flag
  • Ingermanland (Ingria, Inkerinmaa) -- area with Finnish population in Leningrad region
  • Church of Ingria 
  • Inkerinmaa (laatinut Esa Anttikoski)
  • The Vepsa - history, culture and ethnic features (UK, FIN, RUS) 
  • About the Veps ABC (RUS) 
  • Veps national traditions in Vladimir Fomin's works  -- RUS 

  • (Unofficial flag given here)
  • Vepsäläinen historia ja elinolot
  • Vepsäläinen aapinen (venäjäksi) 
  • Some of Russia-related Finno-Ugrian resources outside Russia

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