Chemin de fer Hellenique

This page is still under construction and it is purely for fun and hobby. There are no commercial intentions at all behind it. The main goal of uploading this page into the world-wide web is to satisfy the needs of few railfans, modellers, travellers and enthusiasts, who might be interested in the below provided text and picture material concerning the Hellenic railways. The pictures have been mainly extracted from my latest private Rail-CD edition. This page is in no way related to any of the here mentioned official railway organizations. The names of the destinations below have been written as they are pronounced by the local inhabitants. I want to express my gratitude and I thank again everyone, who helped me in preparing this page. In some cases the picture gallery has been linked to other sites and therefore the names of the copyright owners or of the photographers have been included as reference for the credits. Please, warn me, in case I have unintentionally violated any international copyright law. Those pictures with poor quality will be replaced later and the current page layout is only a temporary solution. I tried my best, but nobody is perfect and therefore, please, correct me, not only if few city names are misedited but also if any other information on this page is not up-to-date. The latest update has been made on 15th Oct. 1999.
  • Historic Steam Locomotives
  • A-100 class Diesel Shunters (Krupp ex-DB V 60)
  • A-150 class Diesel Shunters (Faur)
  • A-170 class Diesel Shunters (Faur)
  • A-200 class Diesel Locomotives (ALCo RS 8 / DL 532 B)
  • A-220 class Diesel Locomotives (GE UM 10 B)
  • A-250 class Diesel Locomotives (Ganz-Mavag DHM 7)
  • A-300 class World Locomotive (FPD 7 / DL 500 C)
  • A-320 class Diesel Locomotives (RSD 34 / DL 543)
  • A-350 class Diesel Locomotives (Alsthom)
  • A-400 class Diesel Locomotives (Siemens-Jung)
  • A-410 class Diesel Locomotives (Krauss-Maffei ex-DB BR 221)
  • A-450 class Diesel Locomotives (MLW MX627)
  • A-470 class Diesel Locomotives (ADtranz)
  • A-500 class Diesel Locomotives (MLW MX636)
  • A-550 class Diesel Locomotives (Electroputere Craiova)
  • H-560 class Electric Locomotives (Siemens Krauss-Maffei)
  • AA.70 class Railcars and Trailers (Ferrostaal Esslingen)
  • Narrow Gauge Diesel Locomotives and Shunters
  • AA.27 Diesel Multiple Units (Ferroviaria FIAT)
  • InterCity Normal Gauge Diesel Multiple Units (ADtranz)
  • AA.700 class Diesel Multiple Units (MAN)
  • AA.90 class Diesel Multiple Units (Ganz Mavag)
  • InterCity Metric Gauge Diesel Multiple Units (MAN)
  • Passenger CarsSighting
    TypeDoors (each side)Windows (each side)PaintingLocationDatePhotographerComment
    ????ThessalonikiJuly 1996Johannis Likos
    Mixed CarsSighting
    TypeDoors (each side)Windows (each side)PaintingLocationDatePhotographerComment
    ????ThessalonikiJuly 1996Johannis Likos
    Mail CarsSighting
    TypeDoors (each side)Windows (each side)PaintingLocationDatePhotographerComment
    Short1+11+4+1Dark GreenThessalonikiJuly 1996Johannis Likos
    Long1+11+4+1Dark GreenThessalonikiJuly 1996Johannis Likos
    Freight CarsSighting
    Fuel ContainerCorrosion BrownThessalonikiJuly 1996Johannis LikosRaw and refined liquid fuel (oil, gazoline, diesel) for E.K.O. (former Esso Pappas)
    Other Goods ContainersOSE

    Railway Stations


  • Map of Athina city center with Peloponnissos and Larissa railway stations
  • Map of Pireas port area with Metro station, Peloponnissos and Larissa railway station
  • Map of the nortwestern industrial area of Thessaloniki with the railway connections
  • Buildings

  • Entrance of the Larissa station building of Athina
  • Entrance of the passenger railway station building of Thessaloniki
  • Platforms

  • Track platforms of the Larissa station of Athina
  • Track platforms of the passenger railway station of Thessaloniki
  • Fuel container terminal of the Thessaloniki freight railway station
  • Other Items

  • Timetable board for all directions in the passenger railway station of Thessaloniki
  • Still old signs on the track platforms of the passenger railway station of Thessaloniki
  • Destination boards prepared for the next InterCity to Western Macedonia
  • Destination boards prepared for the next train to Thrace
  • Network


    Due to the mountainous geographical situation of Peloponnissos and difficult access via the Isthmos at Korinthos the engineers have build a more narrow track network with 1000mm gauge. The railroad from the capital on the mainland to Patra is extremely essential, because it ist the only direct rail/ferry connection to Italy (Bari, Brindisi, Ancona) and it creates a link between the ports Pireas and Patra. Currently only the route between Thessaloniki and Idomeni has so far electrification, but there are also other projects in progress concerning improvements of the hellenic railroad services financed partly by the EU. There are also talks and proposals between governments and railway organizations of the Balkan countries in order to build up faster train connections for business travellers in the south-eastern european region.


    Long before the Balkan conflict there were for many years two express connections, which were especially in the summer period overbooked and preferred by the young Interrailers:
    Akropolis Express Hellas Express
    Greeceex-YugoslaviaAustriaex-Western Germany
    AthinaTitov VelesSalzburgRosenheim


    Read about the routes in detail directly from the OSE web pages. Here an overview of the most important routes:
  • Mainland Routes (Thessaloniki - Plati - Katerini - Larissa - Athina - Pireas)
  • Northeastern Routes
  • Domestic (Thessaloniki - Kilkis - Serres - Drama - Alexandroupoli - Ormenio - Dikea)
  • International (Thessaloniki - Sofija - Bukuresti - Kijev - Moskva, Thessaloniki - Plovdiv, Thessaloniki - Istanbul)
  • Northwestern Routes
  • Domestic (Thessaloniki - Edessa - Kozani - Florina)
  • International (Thessaloniki - Idomeni - Jevjelija - Skopje - Boeograd - Budapest)
  • Southern Narrow Gauge Routes (Pireas - Athina - Patra - other destinations on the Peloponnissos)
  • Timetable

    Read the timetable directly from the OSE web pages or ask at the nearest OSE travel agency for specific summer or winter timetable and possible domestic and international destinations.


    On the following list have been collected mail addresses, phone numbers and fax numbers for business travellers, tourists, railfans and other interested people.


    Some other offices around Athens to contact for reservations.


    Thessaloniki Main Passenger Railway Station at Monastiriou Street Information Office Tel.: +30-31-517517, Tel.: +30-31-517518 International Bus Connections Tel.: +30-31-538367


    Additionally reservations can be made at any travel agency, which carries the OSE logo on the window and which has authorization to sell OSE tickets. Ask for special price offers (only for EU citizens, students and disabled individuals).


    Athens Railway Museum Siokou St. 4 / Liosion St. 301 (few kilometers in northern direction from the Larissa railway station) GR-10443 Athina Tel.: +30-1-5246580


    On the railway stations in Greece or in the OSE timetables the foreign traveller or railfan will find a lot of greek expressions, which can not be found in any ordinary dictionary, especially the technical expressions. Therefore a draft dictionary in graphical format (because not all netsurfers own the TrueType HellasTimes fonts) has been prepared in order to provide all necessary translations in english and german languages. Additionally in the transliteration the accentuation has been marked in bold or underlined letters for better pronounciation while communicating with native Greeks.
    For more technical details of the hellenic rolling stock, please, read the following linked pages:
  • Overview of the current OSE rolling stock on Mercurio's server.
  • Other technical information of the current OSE locomotives and DMU's on Mercurio's server.
  • Canadian-manufactured diesel locomotives by MLW on Rolf Stumpf's pages.
  • US-manufactured diesel locomotives by ALCo on Rolf Stumpf's pages.
  • For other OSE related information look on Mercurio's European rail server.
  • The OSE services in english and greek language (use TrueType HellasTimes font).

  • Links

  • Hellenic Model Railways (only H0 scale)
  • Hellenic Railways Club (publishes magazine in Greek language)
  • Hellenic Railways Fleet (picture gallery)
  • Hellenic Railways Network (the OSE network web pages)

  • Others

    Lines in the urban area of Athina and Pireas (METPO, Underground, Subway, Metro, U-Bahn)

    Real sound from Greek diesel locomotives recorded in the summer heat and offered on the compact disc by Rolf Stumpf.

    For all of us who want the direct contact with the head office of the OSE and with the Ministry of Transportation.

    Links to other Hellenic Train Model Pages

    Any comments mail to: