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Sushi rice SUSHI RICE
Sushi meshi
400 ml short grain rice
450 ml water
½ - 1 tbsp white wine
(about 6 cm piece of kombu seaweed)
awasezu sauce:
2½ tbsp white wine vinegar
½ tbsp sugar
1 tsp salt

Pour the rice in a bowl and rinse it thoroughly with cold running water, swishing it with your hands until the water runs clear.

If using kombu, wipe its surface lightly clean but do not rinse it. Put the rice and the cold water in a saucepan, add the wine (and the piece of kombu). Bring to the boil (remove kombu) and simmer, covered, until the rice is tender. Do not open the lid during simmering. Remove the pan from heat and let it stand covered for 15 minutes.

Sushi rice Thoroughly mix the ingredients for the awasezu sauce. Transfer the rice into a large bowl and mix in the awasezu sauce.

Cool the rice by waving a paper fan above it and tossing it very gently with a chopstick in crisscross patterns. Do not crush or mash the rice  —  although it sticks together well, the grains should still be whole and separate (see the picture on right).

When cooled, the sugar in the awasezu sauce will give the rice a glossy sheen. Keep the rice covered in room temperature before using, do not place it in refrigerator. Use the rice within a couple of hours to prepare various types of sushi, like maki rolls, nigiri, temaki, gunkan, etc.

Additional information:
You will need about 100 ml of uncooked rice to fill one 20 × 20 cm nori seaweed sheet.

Recipe source: "Sushiriisi", Yamada-Alho, M. (1992) Japanilainen keittokirja. Espoo: Weilin+Göös.


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