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Grechnevaya kasha

Buckwheat porridge with butter Roasted whole-grain buckwheat is mainly used to make the special Russian buckwheat porridge, гречневая каша рассыпчатая (grechnevaya kasha rassypchataia).

The type of buckwheat groats used should result in a fluffy porridge with a nutty aroma, with the individual grains remaining whole and separate.

200 ml whole, roasted buckwheat groats
pinch of salt
boiling water (about 250 - 350 ml)

Rinse the groats rapidly with cold water and drain. Pour them in a shallow casserole dish or oven pan, add a few knobs of butter and sprinkle with the salt. Pour enough boiling hot water into the pan to coat the groats and mix gently.

Cover the pan tightly with a lid or a piece of thick foil. Bake the dish, preferably placed in a water bath, at 175 °C for about 1 hour. The steam building inside the pan is an important part of cooking this dish, so you should not remove the cover or stir the mixture during baking.

Check the porridge after one hour by gently lifting the lid or one corner of the foil. If all the liquid has been absorbed into the buckwheat, and the groats have softened, the porridge is ready. If not, replace the lid/cover and continue baking for some time.

If not enough water is used, the porridge may dry out and stick or burn on the bottom of the pan. Experiment with different proportions of water and buckwheat to get the right kind of fluffy result. Baking the dish in a water bath also prevents sticking.

Serve the porridge piping hot, drizzled with melted butter. Buckwheat porridge may be served as an individual dish, eg for breakfast, or instead of cooked rice, barley, etc, to accompany various meat and game dishes.

Recipe source: family recipe/traditional Russian recipe.


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