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Sugared lingonberries SUGARED LINGONBERRIES
about 200 g fresh or frozen lingonberries
about 50 - 100 g (to taste) superfine/caster sugar

If using fresh berries, rinse them gently, remove any possible unripe (= white-coloured), smashed or spoiled berries, and spread the rest on paper towels to dry. Then pour the berries in a large bowl.
If using frozen berries, rinse them briefly under running water, drain, and pour in the bowl, unthawed.

Pour the sugar on top of the berries and mix with a metal spoon (see the picture below). Keep mixing gently, until the sugar starts to melt. This may take a few minutes. Do not crush the berries, though. Leave the mixture in room temperature for a couple of hours, until the sugar has completely dissolved. Stir the mixture every now and then.

Sugar mixed with lingonberries Spoon the mixture in clean jars sterilized with boiling water. Close with sterilized lids and store in refrigerator.

Serving suggestions:
In Finland and Sweden, sugared lingonberries are used to accompany many savoury meat or game dishes, like liver hamburgers, liver casserole, meatballs, stuffed cabbage rolls, Wallenberg steaks or reindeer stew.
They can also be used in various desserts, like parfaits, pies, milk shakes etc, and as topping on porridges. In some dishes, sugared lingonberries may be replaced with lingonberry jam.

Recipe source: family recipe/traditional Nordic recipe.


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