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Apple sauce APPLE SAUCE
1 kg apples  —  preferably some tart (Finnish) variety
water (for quantity, see instructions below)
sugar (for quantity, see instructions below)

If you are using other than Finnish apples, and they were not organically grown, peel them. None of the Finnish apple varieties (grown in Finland) have to be peeled, since they are not waxed or sprayed with insecticides.

Wash the apples and cut them in wedges lengthwise. Remove the cores and stalks (or core the apples before cutting them). Place the apple pieces in a large, wide saucepan and moisten with a little water (about 50 to 100 millilitres).

Simmer the apples gently on a medium-low heat, covered with lid, until they are soft and mushy. Shake the pan every now and then to prevent the apples sticking or burning on the bottom. Puree the apples through a food mill, leaving the bits of peel and any possible seeds behind. When making smaller portions, the cooked apples may simply be pushed through a sieve.

Weigh the apple puree and mix in the sugar. Use about 100 to 300 millilitres of sugar for every 500 grams of apple puree, adjusting the amount according to how sweet or tart the apples are.

Pour the sweetened puree back in the cleaned saucepan and bring to the boil, stirring continually. Pour the hot apple sauce in hot jars sterilized with boiling water. Close with sterilized lids and let cool. Store the sauce in refrigerator and use within a couple of weeks.

Additional information:
Apple sauce in ice cube tray Homemade apple sauce is very perishable and should be frozen if it is to be stored for a longer period of time. Freeze the sauce in small portions, for example using ice cube trays (see the picture on right).

Let the sauce thaw in refrigerator before serving or adding to various desserts or dishes. If mixed or cooked with hot dishes, the sauce may be added frozen.

The colour of the sauce varies according to the apple variety used, usually from light yellow to pinkish or brown.

Recipe source: traditional Finnish recipe.


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