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Fruit for Finnish fruit salad This is a simple, yet delicious classic fruit salad in the way our grandmothers used to prepare it, combining sweet and tart flavours and crisp, soft and juicy textures.

Because of the extreme simplicity of the dish, only the freshest, ripe fruit must be used. For the flavour to develop, the key is to allow the mixed salad stand in a cool place for a good time before serving.

In addition to the fruit mentioned below, other fresh fruit and berries may be added to the salad according to the season (eg pears, peaches, cherries, strawberries, etc), as well as sugar, honey, syrups, maple syrup, and other seasonings or spices (eg vanilla, cinnamon, cardamom, etc).

However, note that even though using extra sweetening or seasoning may improve or enhance the flavour of some less perfect or ripe fruit, it may also result in masking the natural, good flavour of any first-class, ripe fruit.

For a bit more "updated and international" version of fruit salad, see this recipe.

about 2 oranges
about 2 smallish apples (sweet or slightly tart)
about 2 ripe yet firm, medium bananas
small bunch of sweet, crisp, thin-skinned, seedless green/white or red grapes
(pinch of sugar)

Start by washing, peeling and slicing the oranges. Cut off their zest and the white pith with a knife, "fillet" out the pulp segments from between the skins (see the pictures below) and cut into smaller pieces. Reserve the juice and pour in the salad bowl with the orange pieces.

How to "fillet" a citrus fruit

Figure 1
Cut off the peel

Arrow Figure 2 Arrow Figure 3
  Cut out the segments...

Arrow Figure 4 Arrow Figure 5
  ...from between the walls

Thoroughly rinse the grapes using hot water, then rinse with cold water and drain. Add the grapes to the bowl, either whole or halved. Some grapes may have tough, thick and/or rubbery skins which are better removed before eating. See the illustrated instructions for peeling grapes here.

Finnish fruit salad Peel the bananas, cut into cubes or slices and add to the bowl. Peel and core the apples, cut into cubes and add to the bowl. Mix gently, cover the bowl and place in refrigerator or another cool place for a couple of hours for the flavours to blend.

Serve the salad slightly chilled, taking it out to room temperature for about half an hour before serving. In addition, vanilla-flavoured whipped cream may be served, if desired.

Recipe source: traditional Finnish recipe.


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