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Cocoa cookies COCOA COOKIES
100 g butter
50 g sugar
1 tsp vanilla sugar or vanillin sugar
1 large egg yolk
4 - 5 tbsp cocoa powder
coarse wheat flour (for quantity, see instructions below)
½ tsp baking powder

Beat the soft butter and the sugars until pale and fluffy. Add the egg yolk and beat until smooth. Place a bowl on a kitchen scale and measure the cocoa powder in it. Then add enough flour to get 150 grams (the weight of flour and cocoa powder combined).

Add the baking powder and mix thoroughly. Add the dry ingredients to the butter mixture through a sieve. Mix just enough to get all ingredients incorporated, do not overmix. Wrap the dough in plastic wrap and place in refrigerator to harden.

Roll the dough with your hands into long cylindrical bars, about 2½ centimetres in diameter. Cut the bars in about 5 centimetre long pieces and place them on a baking sheet covered with parchment paper. Flatten the dough pieces with prongs of a fork dipped in cold water, forming fluted cookies (see the pictures below).

  Piece of dough
Piece of dough
Arrow Flatten with a fork
Flatten with a fork
Arrow Flattened cookie
A flattened, ridged cookie

Bake the cookies at 180 - 200 °C until slightly browned around edges, about 8 - 15 minutes. You may also pipe the cookie dough through a cookie press to make professional-looking cookies. In that case, do not chill the dough, but pipe it while it is still soft.
Makes about 35 - 40 cookies.

Recipe source: adapted from "Suklaaleivät", Sarje, I., ed. (1964) Hyvää ruokaa. Helsinki: Tammi.


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