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Oat tosca squares These crisp biscuits are extremely simple and quick to make, satisfying a sudden craving for a sweet snack with a coffee or tea.

100 ml melted butter
300 ml regular rolled oats
100 ml sugar
½ - 1 tbsp flour

Pour the warm, melted butter in a bowl. Add the rolled oats, sugar and flour and mix thoroughly.

Spread the crumbly mixture on a baking sheet (about 23 × 30 cm) covered with parchment paper, pressing lightly to form a 5 - 7 mm thick layer.

Bake at 200 °C for about 8 - 14 minutes, or until the edges of the oat mixture start to brown and the centre is golden brown.

During baking, the mixture will first start to "foam and bubble" slightly, then settle down and brown from the edges towards the centre. The mixture is ready as soon as the centre is not bubbling any more and is golden in colour.

When removed from the oven, the texture of the oat tosca will still be soft and crumbly and will harden during cooling. Let it cool on the baking sheet and when still slightly warm, cut into squares (see the picture below). Cut off strips from the edges if they have turned too brown.

Oat tosca squares

Serving suggestions:
If you like, decorate the cookies with a thin drizzle of melted dark or milk chocolate and let it set in a cool place.

Oat tosca squares with chocolate

In picture above: oat tosca squares drizzled with melted chocolate.

The cookies may also be crumbled and served sprinkled over vanilla ice cream, yoghurt or other sweet dishes or desserts.

Recipe source: adapted from "Kauraleivät", Sarje, I., ed. (1964) Hyvää ruokaa. Helsinki: Tammi.


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