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Low-cholesterol bun Even though basic Finnish sweet yeast buns and other yeast dough bakery products are relatively low in fat and cholesterol, here is a recipe for even healthier buns, for those watching the cholesterol level in their food.

Because vegetable oil is used instead of butter in these buns, their taste is of course not as good or as succulent as that of the buns made with real butter.

To make regular Finnish buns with butter, see the recipe for sweet buns.

250 ml nonfat milk
25 g fresh yeast
100 ml sugar
¼ tsp salt
1 tsp coarsely crushed cardamom
1 egg
70 - 75 g turnip rape oil, sunflower oil or corn oil
800 - 900 ml flour
1 egg for glazing
chopped or flaked almonds for garnish
sanding sugar for garnish

Dissolve the yeast in the lukewarm milk. Add the sugar, salt, cardamom and the egg and whip until smooth. Add about half of the flour and beat or mix the batter, since incorporating some air in it will help to produce a stronger gluten web in the dough.

Add the oil and start adding the rest of the flour, little at a time, mixing and kneading until the dough is elastic and starts coming away from the side of the mixing bowl. This is most easily done with a heavy-duty tabletop mixer fitted with a dough hook.

Add just enough flour to get a soft, no too sticky dough. Remember that during leavening, the flour will absorb liquid and swell, making the dough somewhat harder. Especially coarse wheat flour will absorb more moisture than fine wheat flour, so adjust the amount of flour according to which type you are using (ie use less coarse flour and more fine flour).

If you are unsure about the correct amount of flour and texture of the dough, it is better to leave the dough slightly too soft and sticky, than too dense and hard. Cover the bowl tightly and let the dough rise in a warm, draft-free place until doubled in size.

Kneaded dough Arrow Risen dough
Kneaded dough   Sufficiently risen dough

Punch down the dough and knead it lightly. Form the dough into small (à ca 45 g) or large (à ca 110 g) buns and place them on a baking sheet covered with parchment paper. Cover the buns with a damp towel and let rise until they have approximately doubled in size.

Buns before leavening Arrow Leavened, decorated buns
Buns before leavening   Leavened, decorated buns

Arrow Baked buns
  Baked buns

Glaze the buns with lightly beaten egg, sprinkle with chopped or flaked almonds and/or sanding sugar, if you like, and bake at 225 °C for 8 - 15 minutes, or until the buns are golden brown. Place the buns on a wire rack and let them cool slightly, loosely covered with a tea towel. Serve the warm buns with coffee, tea, hot cocoa or a glass of cold milk.
Makes about 8 large or 20 small buns.

Serving suggestion:
Use these buns to make the traditional Finno-Swedish Shrove buns.

Recipe source: family recipe.


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