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Irish coffee IRISH COFFEE
2 tbsp (or to taste) smooth and fruity Irish whiskey (eg Jameson)
about 150 ml hot, strong coffee
1 - 2 tsp white or brown sugar
about 2 tbsp cream

Brew a pot of strong coffee. Meanwhile, warm a tall, heatproof (preferably stemmed) grog or wine glass by filling it with boiling hot water. Mix the sugar in the coffee, stirring until dissolved. Lightly whip the cream, until it is just very slightly thickened. It should remain a thick liquid of homogenous consistency.

Pour out the hot water from the glass and wipe it dry. Pour the whiskey in the glass, top with the hot, sweetened coffee and stir. Wait until the surface of the drink is still.

Pouring cream on top Place an inverted soupspoon inside the glass so that its tip is just touching the surface of the coffee and the glass wall (see the picture on right). Gently pour the cream in over the back of the spoon, so that it remains in a layer floating on top of the coffee. The layers should not mix.

Sprinkle some cocoa powder, grated nutmeg or ground coffee on top of the cream, if you like. Enjoy immediately, sipping the hot coffee through the cool layer of cream.
Serves 1.

Recipe source: adapted from traditional recipe.


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