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Kir finlandais KIR FINLANDAIS

A Finnish non-alcoholic alternative for Kir royal, this festive sparkling cocktail is also suitable for children to drink. It may be served as an aperitif.

For a slightly drier version, try replacing Pommac with "Kuohuva Kuusenkerkkä", a Finnish non-alcoholic sparkling spruce shoot beverage.


1 - 2 cl good, strong blackcurrant juice (preferably homemade)
about 10 - 12 cl
Pommac *) or sparkling spruce shoot beverage "Kuohuva Kuusenkerkkä"

Pour the blackcurrant juice in a champagne flute and top with ice-cold Pommac. Serve as a welcome drink, to accompany brunch, etc.
Serves 1.

*) Pommac is an old Swedish-Finnish oak barrel-matured mixed fruit flavoured carbonated soft drink, often served in Finland as a non-alcoholic substitute for sweet sparkling wine or champagne. Pommac has been produced in Sweden since the year 1919, and consumed in Finland since the early 1930s, being one of the oldest and most popular brands of soft drinks sold in Finland.

Recipe source: adapted from recipe by chef de cuisine Sirkka-Liisa Ruottinen and staff at The Office of the President of the Republic of Finland.


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