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Club sandwiches rectangular slices of wheat bread
poached or grilled chicken
crisp bacon slices
cheese slices (
eg medium sharp Cheddar, Gouda etc)
tomato slices
mayonnaise  —  plain or flavoured
(thin cucumber slices)

First prepare the ingredients for the filling. You can use cold leftover chicken. Slice the chicken. Slowly fry the bacon until browned and crisp. Rinse and dry the lettuce and tear it in smaller pieces. Also rinse and dry the arugula, if using it.

Thinly slice the cheese and tomato (and cucumber, if using any). Either use plain mayonnaise or flavour it with tomato paste, garlic, mustard, curry powder etc.

Use good-quality bread that is not too soft. Let the butter soften in room temperature. Heat a large skillet. Butter the bread slices very thinly on both sides. (Soft butter is easier to spread very thinly than cold, hard butter.)

On medium heat, fry the bread slices slowly on both sides until nicely browned and crisp from the surface. Do not let the slices become dry and hard, though.

Club sandwich While the bread slices are still hot, place the filling on them. Put some lettuce (with arugula) on the bottom, top with a couple of warm bacon slices, some cheese slices, the chicken, tomato slices, mayonnaise (and cucumber slices).

Place another bread slice on top and press down gently but firmly. Insert two toothpicks in the sandwich to hold the bread and filling in place and cut down diagonally between them to form two triangle-shaped sandwiches (see the picture on right). Serve immediately.

Recipe source: adapted from "Amerikkalainen klubileipä", Salonen, E. et al. (1975) Ruokavuosi - Ruokia vuodenaikojen mukaan. Helsinki: Otava.


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