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Caviar canapés caviar
thin slices from white/French bread or thin baguette
for garnish (optional):
whipped smetana or crème fraîche
tiny wedges cut from thin lemon slices
tiny dill sprigs

Caviar jar If you are lucky or wealthy enough to obtain real caviar, choosing whether to serve it plain and unadulterated or with some additives, depends mainly on the quality of the caviar, as well as your individual preference.

If the caviar is of top quality, it is best to enjoy it plain, perhaps served apportioned in tiny spoons.

Caviar and champagne Caviar less fine may be served spread on bread. Cut thin slices of good-quality white bread into small rounds, squares, etc, or cut baguette into thin slices. Soft wheat bread may be lightly toasted, but not browned, to make it crispier.

Spread the bread slices with a thin layer of soft butter. It might be best to first butter the whole bread slices, and then cut them into smaller pieces.

Using a tiny teaspoon, place some caviar on each bread slice, spreading it gently, without crushing the eggs, to cover the bread.

Either serve the canapés ungarnished, or top some of them with a couple of thin tips of chives, a tiny piece of lemon slice or a dill sprig, or pipe on top tiny dots of smetana or crème fraîche that has been whipped similarly to whipped cream, to give it a firm consistency.

Serve the caviar canapés as appetizers, perhaps accompanied with some good-quality, genuine champagne as the choice beverage.

Recipe source: family recipe.


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