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Cold-smoked salmon and grapefruit canapés In this recipe, the tanginess and acidity of white grapefruit cuts nicely through the fattiness, smokiness and saltiness of the cold-smoked salmon.

2 slices or rounds of rye crispbread (eg "Finn Crisp Original Rye", Ryvita, etc) or thin slices of white wheat or dark rye bread
soft, spreadable goat cheese
(1 garlic clove)
chopped chives or green onion
(lettuce or mesclun mixture)
thin slices of top-quality cold-smoked salmon
1 white grapefruit
(black pepper)
dressing (optional):
juice from grapefruit
clear honey
(white wine vinegar or apple wine vinegar)
olive or turnip rape oil
black pepper

Chill the grapefruit in refrigerator beforehand, if you like. Remove the skin and the white pith of the grapefruit by roughly cutting them off with a sharp knife. "Fillet" out the pulp segments from between the skins (see the pictures below). Do this above a deep plate or bowl to catch the juices dripping from the grapefruit.

How to "fillet" a citrus fruit

Figure 1
Cut off the peel

Arrow Figure 2 Arrow Figure 3
  Cut out the segments...

Arrow Figure 4 Arrow Figure 5
  ...from between the walls

Either drink the grapefruit juice or reserve it to make a dressing: measure a couple of tablespoons of juice in a bowl, whisk in about one tablespoon (or to taste) honey (and a dash of vinegar), season with salt and pepper and beat in about three to four tablespoons of oil. The dressing may be stored in refrigerator and used to dress salads.

Cold-smoked salmon and grapefruit canapé Flavour the goat cheese by mixing in garlic pushed through a garlic press and some chopped chives, or leave it unflavoured. Spread the cheese on the crispbread or bread slices. Instead of goat cheese, you can use cream cheese or butter.

Place some rinsed and drained or spin-dried lettuce leaves on top of the cheese, if using any, and cover with salmon slices. Arrange grapefruit wedges on top of the salmon and sprinkle with chopped chives.

If you like, add a pinch of freshly ground black pepper and/or drizzle a dash of the dressing on top.

Serve the canapé as a light breakfast or lunch or an evening snack.
Makes 2 canapés.

Recipe source: family recipe.


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