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Red king crab canapé The meat of red king crab  —  also known as Kamchatka crab (Paralithodes camtschaticus)  —  is a highly esteemed, pricey delicacy.

In the "good old days", it was readily available in Finnish grocery stores as high-quality canned products imported from the then Soviet Union. (My grandmother even used to feed it to her cat every now and then as a special treat :-)

With the downfall of the Soviet Union, the imports unfortunately diminished or stopped altogether, but nowadays Russian king crab meat is available again, although the flavour of many products is usually much poorer compared to the old Soviet products, probably due to the increased use of various preservatives and additives.

thin slices of wheat bread (toast)
canned or freshly cooked leg meat of red king crab, drained
lemon slices
crème fraîche or smetana
fresh dill

Clean the crab leg meat by shredding it in smaller pieces to reveal the bits of thin, flexible cartilage running through the legs. Remove or pull out and discard all the cartilage.

Red king crab canapé Since many products of preserved crabmeat have a strong acidic or lemony off-taste caused by the various additives (like citric acid, etc) used in the preserving of them, effectively masking the fresh, naturally sweet flavour of the cooked crabmeat, you may try rinsing the meat very briefly under cold, running water to remove some of this bad flavour.

Cut off the crusts from the bread slices, then toast and butter them. Arrange the crabmeat in heaps on the bread slices and drizzle with a tiny dash of fresh lemon juice.

Place a dollop of crème fraîche or smetana on top and either sprinkle with fresh, chopped dill, or garnish with dill sprigs, together with a halved lemon slice.

Serve the canapés for lunch or as a snack with light beer, fruity white wine, mineral water or tea.

Recipe source: family recipe.


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