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Dill cucumbers DILL CUCUMBERS

Similar to the Danish agurkesalat and the Swedish pressgurka, this extremely simple preparation of thinly sliced cucumbers pickled in sweet-and-sour vinegar brine is a refreshing accompaniment to any meat or fish dish and keeps well refrigerated.

1 hothouse/English cucumber or 3 to 4 garden cucumbers
3 ml (about ½ tsp) fine sea salt
2 tbsp spirit vinegar (10 %)
100 ml fresh, cold water
3 to 4 tbsp sugar
1 ml (1/5 tsp) freshly ground white pepper
2 tbsp finely chopped fresh dill or parsley

Rinse and dry the cucumber and cut off the top and tail. If you are using garden cucumbers, peel them. Thinner-skinned hothouse/English cucumber does not have to be peeled. Cut the cucumber(s) in very thin slices (thickness 1 millimetre at the maximum). This is most easily done using a mandoline or another adjustable slicing device.

Layer the cucumber slices with the salt in a bowl or a shallow pan (see the pictures below). Place another plate, a smaller bowl or some other snugly-fitting dish on top of the cucumbers to press them, wholly covering them. Place some heavy weight on top and let stand for a minimum of 30 minutes. During this time, the salt will draw out liquid from the cucumbers, and their texture will soften under the weight.

Cucumber slices and salt in a dish Arrow Cucumber slices covered with a dish Arrow Weight placed on top of dish
Layer cucumber slices and salt in a dish   Cover snugly with another dish   Place additional weight on top

Dill cucumbers in a jar Pour out the accumulated juices from the bowl and place the cucumber slices in a sieve to drain. Meanwhile, prepare the vinegar brine.

Pour the spirit vinegar, water and sugar in a large bowl and stir until the sugar has dissolved. Mix in the pepper and chopped dill (or parsley) and add the cucumber slices in the brine. Stir gently, cover and let marinate in refrigerator for some time before serving.

Transfer the marinated cucumbers in a smaller, clean jar and seal with a lid. Store in refrigerator.

Serve the cucumbers with various meat or fish dishes, like meatballs, poached salmon, oven-baked salmon, etc.


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