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Shrimp salad Besides good-quality shrimps or prawns, a tasty shrimp salad/cocktail should contain something sweet (apple, grapes, pear, mango, melon, green peas, red/yellow bell pepper, etc), something fresh (cucumber, green peas, lettuce, avocado, bell pepper, etc) and something sharp or piquant (onion, green onion, green bell pepper, radish, leek, stalk celery, lemon juice, tomato sauce/ketchup, Tabasco sauce, etc).

The given amounts of ingredients below are approximate  —  adjust the proportions and replace ingredients to suit your taste.

Serve this salad arranged on a large or individual plates or bowls, or in a form of shrimp/prawn cocktail decoratively assembled in stemmed glass dishes, like large wine or cocktail glasses, in the 1970s style.

200 g shelled shrimp tails
about 100 g mixed lettuce varieties (
eg butterhead lettuce, leaf lettuce, curly chicory, lamb's lettuce, radicchio...)
100 g (about 150 ml) sweet green peas, fresh or frozen
100 g sweet, aromatic apple (
eg "Pink Lady"), peeled
100 g fresh cucumber
30 - 50 g cubed onion and/or green/spring onion (green and white part)
dill sprigs and/or chopped chives for garnish
(lemon slices or wedges for garnish)
about 120 g good-quality mayonnaise
10 g Dijon mustard or tomato ketchup ("Heinz")
1 tbsp freshly squeezed lemon juice
large pinch of sugar
pinch of white pepper

Note that if you are using unshelled shrimp tails or whole shrimps, you should increase their amount, as the weight given above is for shelled shrimp tails. If you like, replace part of the shrimps with sliced good-quality imitation crabmeat sticks.

  • If you are using frozen shrimps, let them thaw overnight in refrigerator, placed in a colander set over a large bowl to catch the dripping liquid, covered with plastic wrap.
  • If the shrimps are raw (fresh or frozen and thawed), cook them, eg following the instructions given here.
  • If the shrimps are unshelled, peel them and remove the veins from the tails.

Mix the dressing, cover and place in refrigerator.

Rinse the lettuce, drain on paper towels or spin dry and tear the leaves in bite size pieces, leaving some smaller leaves whole for decoration. Line the bottom of the serving plate(s) or the sides of stemmed glasses with a few whole lettuce leaves.

Slice the green and white part of spring onion(s) thinly. Peel the cucumber, if necessary (remove the seeds, if you like) and cut into small cubes. Briefly boil the peas, strain, rinse with cold water until chilled and leave to drain. Cut the apple into small cubes.

In a large bowl, toss the torn lettuce, shrimps, apple, peas, onion and cucumber.

You can mix in the dressing, serve it separately, or place in dollops on top of the salad (especially if you are serving the salad in individual glasses). Arrange the salad on the bed of lettuce on serving plate(s) or spoon in the serving glasses. Garnish with dill sprigs and/or chopped chives (and lemon).

Serve the salad/cocktail with some good bread (and butter), and chilled, fruity white wine, like Riesling, etc.

Recipe source: family recipe.


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