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Spinach soup SPINACH SOUP
about 300 - 350 g fresh spinach
about 200 - 250 ml good chicken, meat or vegetable stock
about 100 ml cream
white pepper
(pinch of grated nutmeg or mace)
large pat of butter
1 egg for serving

Fresh spinach may be replaced with a slightly smaller amount of frozen, thawed and chopped spinach.

Fill a large bowl or other container with fresh, cold water and clean the fresh spinach leaves by plunging them into the water. Stir the leaves with your hands and pour in a colander to drain.

Place the spinach in a saucepan and cover with a lid. There is no need to add any liquid, as the rinsing water left in the leaves gives enough moisture for cooking. Simmer over medium heat, until the spinach is wilted and diminished in volume. Drain the spinach in a colander and let it cool for a while. Squeeze it dry and chop finely with a sturdy knife on a chopping board.

Return the spinach in the saucepan and add enough stock to almost cover it. Bring the soup to the boil and simmer for a few minutes. Take the saucepan off the stove and puree the soup using a hand blender.

Meanwhile, cook the egg in boiling water for 8 to 10 minutes. Rinse it with cold water and shell it.

Pour the soup back in the pan, add enough cream to get a suitable consistency and reheat the soup. Season with salt and pepper (and nutmeg), and add a pat of butter.

Serve the soup topped with a hard-boiled egg half (see the picture).
Serves 2 as a starter.

Recipe source: family recipe/traditional Finnish recipe.


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