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Salmon fillet in court-bouillon Poaching is a gentle way to cook fragile foods like fish. Poached fish is usually left to cool in its cooking liquid and served cold.

about 400 - 500 g piece of salmon fillet with skin

Run your clean(!) fingers on the surface of the salmon fillet to feel any bones and remove them by pulling them out using fish tweezers (or use regular tweezers).

The salmon is gently poached in a court-bouillon. To make the court-bouillon, follow the instructions given here. Let the court-bouillon cool to room temperature.

Place the salmon fillet in the pan with the cool court-bouillon. Make sure the liquid reaches to about halfway up the fillet, it should not cover it.

Place the pan on the stove and bring the court-bouillon to a gentle boil. Remove the pan from heat, cover and set aside. The fish continues to cook in the hot liquid, and will be done when the court-bouillon has cooled down. Carefully lift out the fish, drain and serve either warm of chilled.

The salmon may be served as a part of fish and herring platter or smörgåsbord, garnished with mayonnaise or it can be flaked and added to salads, spread on sandwiches, etc.

Using a larger saucepan or a fish kettle, you can poach a whole salmon, trout or other fish following this recipe. Increase or decrease the amount of court-bouillon ingredients according to the size of the pan you are using and the fish you are cooking.
Serves 2.

Recipe source: family recipe/traditional recipe.


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