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Chicken nuggets Homemade chicken nuggets are a much healthier choice than any of those greasy, rubbery fast food industry products.

1 chicken breast fillet (about 180 - 200 g)
20 - 25 ml breadcrumbs
(paprika powder, onion powder, cayenne pepper, curry powder, garlic powder, or whatever seasoning you may like)
40 - 50 ml cream, water or milk
(1 small egg or egg yolk)
for coating and frying:
about 100 ml breadcrumbs
2 - 4 tbsp peanut oil
1 tbsp butter

Place the breadcrumbs in a bowl and mix in the spices. Pour over the cream, stir and let stand until the liquid is absorbed in the breadcrumbs. Meanwhile, cut the chicken fillet in smaller pieces and put them through a meat grinder.

Thoroughly mix and knead the chicken mince with the breadcrumb mixture. Add the egg, if using it, and stir vigorously, until the mixture is smooth and firm. With moistened hands, form the soft mixture into small nuggets, each weighing about 20 grams.

Pour the breadcrumbs on a deep plate and dip in the nuggets one at a time, coating them thoroughly with the crumbs (see the pictures below).

Nugget in breadcrumbs Arrow Coated nugget

Arrow Coated nuggets

Remember to wash your hands and utensils thoroughly, or use thin plastic gloves when handling the mince, especially if you live in a country or region prone to salmonella infections.

Heat the oil and butter in a skillet, but do not let the butter brown. Place the nuggets in the skillet and lower the heat to medium. Cook the nuggets for a few minutes, or until their underside is golden brown. Lower the heat, if the fat seems to brown too much  —  burnt fat will give the coating a bad taste. Turn the nuggets over and cook until done. You can check by splitting one nugget in half.

Serve the nuggets immediately, eg with oven French fries and various dipping sauces.
Makes about 10 - 12 nuggets.

Serving suggestion:
The dipping sauces seen in the picture above were made by flavouring crème fraîche with tomato ketchup and cayenne pepper or Tabasco sauce (the pink sauce on the left) and lime & lemon marmalade and curry powder (the yellow sauce on the right).

Recipe source: family recipe.


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