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Omelette The most important thing in cooking an omelette is the quality of the pan used. Preferably use a non-stick omelette pan with sloping sides.

If the coating of your pan is not perfect, use a larger quantity of butter (about 20 grams) to keep the omelette sliding around freely. For the amount of eggs used in this recipe, use a small pan with a bottom diameter of about 15 to 18 centimetres.

An omelette takes only a couple of minutes to prepare and even less to cook.

2 eggs
4 tbsp cream or cold water
black pepper

Place the omelette pan to warm on the stove on medium-high heat.

Meanwhile, break the eggs in a bowl, add the liquid and a pinch or salt and pepper. Note that milk is never used to make a proper omelette, but only real cream or fresh water. Lightly and quickly whisk the ingredients with a fork, just enough to blend them, without beating too heavily. An electric mixer must never be used to mix the eggs.

Place a large knob of butter in the pan and let it melt, making sure the butter evenly covers the bottom of the pan. Just as the butter is about to start browning, pour in the egg mixture. With a wooden fork or spatula, quickly stir and scrape the mixture along the bottom of the pan until it starts to thicken.

Lower the heat and gently run the spatula between the omelette and the pan to prevent sticking. Shaking the pan every now and then, continue heating the omelette until it has firmed up and keeps its shape but is still creamy on top. (If you want to add grated cheese or some other filling, place it now on the omelette.)

Tilting the pan, slide the omelette towards the other side of it, folding one third of the omelette over towards the centre (and the filling), then fold the remaining third over and slide the omelette on a serving plate. Drizzle some hot, melted butter or sprinkle some chopped herbs on top, if you like, and serve immediately.
Serves 1.

Additional information:
You can mix chopped herbs (chives/green onion, parsley, tarragon, chervil, etc) or blanched spinach or nettles in the egg mixture, or sauté some of the following ingredients in the butter before pouring in the egg mixture:

  • cubed onion, bell pepper, chilli, tomato, potato, etc
  • cubed ham or bacon
  • chopped mushrooms

  • etc . . .

To fill or garnish the cooked omelette, one can use grated sharp cheese, creamed spinach, sorrel or nettles, strips of cold-smoked salmon or other smoked fish, asparagus tips, thinly shaved truffle, shrimps, lobster, crabmeat, fish roe, etc.

Recipe source: family recipe/traditional recipe.


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