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Freshly squeezed orange juice FRUIT JUICES AND ZEST

Listed below are fresh citrus fruit juices and zest commonly used in Finnish cooking and in the recipes of this site.

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Lemon juice, lime juice, orange juice, etc

Lemon juice Lime juice
Fresh lemon juice Fresh lime juice

When a recipe on this site calls for fruit or citrus juice, always use juice freshly squeezed from fresh fruit, both in cooking and preparing of beverages.

Especially when preparing top-quality cocktails, whether alcoholic or non-alcoholic, any fruit juice mentioned in the recipe should not be replaced with packed, canned or frozen juice products, ready-made cordials, or the like.

Only exceptions might be any strong-flavoured and/or acidic berry juices (eg cranberry, lingonberry, blackcurrant, sea-buckthorn, etc), or some "exotic", hard to come by or difficult to press at home fruit juices, as well as elderberry cordials and other similar products of which there are usually some good-quality commercially made products available.

Orange juice
Fresh orange juice

Citrus peel and zest

Citrus peel and grated zest Whenever a recipe calls for some peel or grated zest of fresh lemons, limes, oranges, mandarins, etc, always make sure to use certified organic fruit, meaning they have not been waxed, sprayed with insecticides or treated with other chemicals.

In the picture clockwise from upper right: strips of peel and grated zest of lime, orange and lemon.

If unable to find organically grown citrus fruit, use standard, non-certified fruit and scrub them under warm running water using a stiff vegetable brush. Do not use any type of detergent in washing them. Organically grown fruit must also be rinsed thoroughly before use.


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